Deep Soft Fur Make Reindeer Rugs The Perfect Winter Warmer

Reindeer rugs are by-products of meat production. They are made from reindeer hides and have great looks and feel as well as weatherproof properties, often offered as non-dyed, natural whole hide items, thereby making each piece unique. Reindeer rugs are supple, soft and have great insulation properties as a result of their fur being made up of long hollow hair. When properly treated, odour and decay is prevented thereby making them perfect for indoor and outdoor use. They add extreme beauty and make great focal points to living spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and offices where they can be used to decorate floors, walls, ceilings, doors and furniture. Additionally, reindeer rugs can be draped over footlockers and antique chests.

Depending on the age of the reindeer that was skinned, reindeer rugs come in varieties of colours including beiges, greys, creams and browns. Some are a perfect blend of silvery grey tones and shades of tan and brown making them a perfect blend with any interior setting. Since each reindeer is unique, each reindeer rug is equally unique in colours and markings.

Reindeer rugs are great replacements for traditional carpets, but considering them an alternative to a more popular cowhide rug and sheepskin rug is a highly debatable topic. Truly speaking, they really stand out and draw a lot of attention in terms of aesthetics but are perfect for ornamental purposes only. Home dwellers should avoid subjecting them to high temperature and pressure at all cost.

Firstly, they should not be placed on areas such as passageways where people may frequently stand or walk, or on chairs that are frequently used for sitting. Low or no traffic zones like near beds, at the centre of a circular array of couches, on walls, doors and ceilings good picks for their display. This way, their original spotless nature will be retained. Seconding, they should be placed far away from heat sources such as furnaces because high temperature causes them to shed and moult.

Initial moulting by shedding is normal and should not call for panicking. They heavily malt in the beginning but quickly settle after one month if they are properly cared for and will normally last for several years. It is highly recommended that they be taken outside and shaken every 2-3 days. Vacuum cleaning should be used for general maintenance. However it is highly recommended to slightly massage the hide with a brush add-on rather than a small suction add-on so as to prevent hair loss. The waterproof property of reindeer rugs permits them to be used outdoors.

However, if they do get wet, they should be allowed to dry out naturally e.g., under natural bright light. This drying process naturally disinfects the hide. Since reindeer hides are relatively more fragile than cowhide and sheepskin alternatives, regular rug-cleaning detergents are too harsh for them and may end up stripping the natural oils leading to rapid deterioration.

When shopping for reindeer rugs, it is advisable to go for the silicon treated ones. Natural reindeer rugs are relatively expansive. If you are on a tight budget, you may consider getting a faux reindeer rug instead. Instead of natural reindeer skin, faux reindeer rugs are made from other types of hides and artificially decorated to mimic the patterns on a reindeer. Besides being cheaper, an extra advantage of faux reindeer rugs is that the patterns can be made more sophisticated and even reflect greater artistic values than the natural ones. Those with handcrafted designs have greater demand than the printed ones. The main reason the natural rugs still lead is because they perfectly portray the safari scenario, which is what most rug users are after in the first place.