Deer Antler Velvet Extract Shows Some Clinical Results

If you’ve heard the hype about deer antler velvet extract, you may have thought that the benefits of this strange sounding elixir sound too vast and varied to possibly be true, and that this is just another strange trend in natural health supplements that will come and go. However, it has withstood the test of time. It has enjoyed a long history as an ancient Chinese Medicine remedy, and now there are recent clinical studies backing the beliefs that the Chinese have known to be true since long before there was any such thing as clinical studies.

Due to the growth hormones, nutrients, and mineral content of deer antler velvet extract it has been gaining a growing following amongst bodybuilders who praise its ability to help them maintain and gain lean muscle mass and shorten repair time of damaged muscle and tissue. These restorative properties mean that it can offer a big boost to those who want to build and maintain lean mass quickly. This one substance can boast the benefits of containing eleven vitamins and minerals, six hormones, and over twenty amino acids. No wonder such a small dose can pack such a punch!

Bodybuilders and athletes are no longer the only ones that are enjoying the many benefits to be had from the nutritional components in deer antler velvet extract. As the product has slowly become more readily available, the attention it is drawing from mainstream media has meant that more people are becoming savvy to its existence and benefits. Many regular, everyday people are enjoying better sleep, lessened joint pain and arthritic symptoms, and lowered blood pressure from its use. They are also experiencing better glandular function and recovery from long time anemia and painful stomach ulcers. This is a lot of benefit from one single remedy. This makes the higher cost of this supplement compared to many others a worthwhile investment in your health.

If you are considering the benefits of deer antler velvet extract but balk at the price, consider how much deer antler velvet it takes to make one small bottle of extract. It is extracted from the velvet of New Zealand deer antlers, which grow at an extraordinary rate of up to an inch a day. This incredible feat of nature is being utilized for human use, and the benefits have been astounding. With nutritional supplements you oftentimes do get what you pay for. If you are considering a product that claims to be the same as the more costly extracts on the market, but is considerably cheaper, the chances are high that you will receive a heavily diluted product that will produce inferior results. While it may be highly tempting to go with a lower cost extract, be aware that if you do you probably won’t be experiencing the same degree of health benefits being touted by both clinical studies and people sharing first-hand testimonials about their results with the product. Consider it an investment in your health.