Delphi MyFi Satellite Radio – Compact and Slim

MyFi satellite radio is another great product from the electronics manufacturer Delphi. Although some say that it is the new iPod killer, this is not the case. An iPod and a MyFi radio belong into two different categories and they have their own advantages and drawbacks.

For a hand-held satellite radio receiver, the MyFi is extremely compact and slim in size. The portable radio can be used as a car or home audio player and its sleek and trimmed features ensure that it can be used in the most congested places as well. The radio only weighs 7.2 Ounces and is 1.2 inches thick. The box includes several tools and accessories, which make it possible to install and run the radio at home or inside your car.

Connecting cables, antennas and mounting brackets are available that make it an easy affair to operate the device anywhere. There is a built in FM Transmitter just like an iPod and it works well even when you are in a low frequency zone. The navigation through different channels is done with the help of a scroll wheel which makes navigating through channels refreshingly easy. The device can add up to 30 preset stations and the Tune Select feature enables the user to add or store the names of 20 artists or simply save up to 20 songs on the device.

However, there is no expandable memory card slot, but at its listed price, 20 songs is a good deal. It also works as an alarm clock and allows you to get the daily weather report or daily stock prices of your favorite cities. The sound quality is not as good as an iPod and that's where it lags behind. With a price tag of $ 350, the product is either expensive nor cheap, but it is affordable and the features it provides are easily worth this price. On a scale of 10 the MyFi satellite radio is an easy 8.