Demigod Character – The Rook

The Rook is an assassin type Demigod in the video game Demigod. The Rook is actually the main cover of the game and has been used as an icon representing the game. The Rook is the biggest Demigod in the game and can become even bigger if the towers on his shoulders are upgraded. He also uses an enormous   hammer  to kill his enemies.

The  Hammer  slam is probably one of the most power attacks in the game if done right. It does 500 damage in a small radius and 100 in a big radius on the first level, and this can be upgraded to a ridiculous 1700 damage in a small radius and 400 in a large area. This power is very strong and should definitely be used in a combination nuke with your team, sometimes it might be useful for the Torch Bearer to freeze all the enemies and this way you can get them all in the small radius for maximum damage.

Another nice power is “Power of the Tower”, this power actually allows the Rook to create tower anywhere he pleases. On the first level you can control up to 2 towers that have 1500 life each and does 100 damage, this can be upgraded to control of up to 8 towers with 2850 life and does 190 damage each. This power is great for controlling a lane and can make it very hard for the enemy.

The Rook also has a power called structural transfer that damages buildings and heals the Rook. This can actually be used against a tower in the middle of the fight to heal you and damages the tower in the process. ON its first level it does 800 damage and heals 800 as well, on max level this is 2000 health and damage. This power is great for killing towers fast and can dramatically change the course of the game.

The Rook is great to play with and can be very useful to the game.