Describing Different Warts And Their Unique Characteristics

Do you have warts on any part of your body? There are different types of warty bumps that can form on different parts of the body. Even so, most people suffer from common warts which are alternatively called seed warts. They commonly form on your beautiful hands, especially under the fingernails, between fingers and along the fingernails’ edges. They look fleshy and sometimes they occur in clusters. What is more, they consist of tiny black dots which look like seeds but are actually clotted blood capillaries that supply blood to the wart.

If left untreated they can later on go away. They do not hurt at all and that is how most people live with them for a long time. The natural process of removing the lesions takes longer but it does not cause scars. There are other lesions that grow on certain body parts only. For instance, genital warts, which are also caused by the HPV virus, are mainly found on the private parts of men and women. They are mainly called vaginal warts when they develop on the private parts of women. Mainly, victims catch the virus by skin to skin contact with uninfected persons during intimacy.

Genital warts can be tiny or big and they can occur in groups or singly. A plantar or mosaic wart is known to form on the soles of the feet or toes. The reason for this is mainly because the victims correct the HPV virus with their feet mainly in the communal shower rooms and swimming pools. Once the virus attacks it causes light brown lumps with small black dots in them. Flat, plane or verruca plana warts form mainly on the face or legs. They are round and smooth than all other types of warts.

There are also other types of warts that you may not know of, such as molluscam that are not generally caused by HPV virus. They are unique warty bumps caused by molluscam contagiosum. They commonly attack kids as a result of their weaker immunity. Filiforms have finger-like projections and they mainly grow on the facial features, such as the edge of the eyes and lips. All the above types of warts are treated almost with the same thing. For instance, almost all kinds of lumps are easily removed by the freezing or cryotherapy method. The doctor or people who dare to treat themselves at home use liquid nitrogen.

The solution is effective if used for a total of two to four times. Another method to heal almost all types of warts is cantharidin. This is a chemical solution which is applied directly to lesion and after about eight hours it causes a blister around the affected area. This procedure is painless for some people. The chemical substance has to be used with a bandage each time. When combined with other substances, you should remove the bandage after two hours. Use of salicylic acid is very widespread also, even if it may not be used to cure all types of warts. It is very good at removing bumps on your feet and hands by softening the dead skin.