Design a Mobile Website – Ditch The Yellow Pages And Cash In On Local Search

So you've finally decided to join in and take advantage of the exploding mobile market to get more exposure for your products and services in your local business.

You want to design a mobile website that will appeal to your customers and prospects. There is certainly a growing number of tools and resources that can help you design a site that is appealing and effective for your advertising and marketing efforts.

There's two ways to do this … like with anything, on your own or with the help of experts that know what they are doing.

– Do it yourself – Is it possible?

It is possible to design a website, because of all the great services that are out there to use in the creation and transformation. You can use Mobify for example, to set up and create your site all by yourself. They do have free plans, but like anything, if you want to have all the features, hosting etc., you'll need to pay.

There are quite a few other tools and services that vary in what you can do, but you can design a mobile website and get it up fairly quickly.

–It's a piece of cake if you know how to do it

Everybody runs into this challenge when they are trying to do anything. What sees straightforward, becomes more difficult than imagined and also time-consuming. It's the same with the design of a mobile website.

There are little things that can mean the difference in how well your site functions and how it looks. This is definitely not a mini-version of your website. It needs to be created differently and modified from your main website to really look great on smartphones.

With this in mind, even having the tools to make a site, you can not guarantee you can design it the proper way. Beside, who has time with everything in their business to make a site.

–Have someone do it for you for free?

Would not it be great if you could have somebody else design your site for you and it will not cost you a penny?

This can happen very easily. The best of both worlds is to have an expert design one that knows how to do it right and also do it for nothing.

A service called best free mobile site can take care of all the hard work for you, so you can focus on your business and do not have to worry about all the technical know how to design your site.

If you have not done it already, it's time to get the exposure for your business. Do it yourself or get it done for free and start enjoying all the new business that you'll be getting from local search. Design a mobile website now and get the edge over your competition.