Design and Decor Tips for Your Salon

Remodeling an existing salon or building a brand new space for your salon involves so many decisions for you to make. Your goal is to make your salon beautiful and functional. A well designed and decorated salon impresses clientele and helps promote your business no matter how big or small. Here are some design and decorating tips to get you started.

1. Style

You will need to define the style of your salon. You will want your salon to be memorable and stand out from the rest. Have your salon reflect the services you offer. Decorate with colors, furniture, and accessories consistent with the message that you want to convey.

2. Color

Choose colors that promote the atmosphere you would like your salon to have. You should have balance of warm and cool colors. The lightest color should be used for the ceiling and the deepest tone closest to the floor. This gives the illusion that the roof is raised. Neutral toned walls will emphasize the quality and openness of your space.

3. Lighting

Lighting is very important in your salon. Overhead and fluorescent lights can sometimes be unflattering and too bright. You will need lighting that illuminates work areas but also creates a relaxing atmosphere. Some suggestions for additional lighting are wall sconces and floor lamps wherever possible. This will help to soften and diffuse the light from overhead.

4. Equipment

Choosing and purchasing furniture and equipment is a big part of the design and décor of your salon. First you will need to create a list of equipment your salon needs. Some items to get you started on your list should be styling chairs, styling stations, dryer/dryer chairs, and shampoo units. You will need to think of your reception area as well. Supplies for your stylist can be included in this list. Some salons like to have a washer and dryer on the premises. This should also be included if you desire. Get together with your team to brainstorm what all equipment they will need and where it should be placed in salon.

5. Décor

So many little things can add to the atmosphere in your salon. Choose mirrors that are appealing to look in. Metal or wood framed are good choices. Calming art or soothing nature images are nice to display on your salon walls. Live plants enhance the beauty of your shop. Have the outside of your salon appealing as well. Potted flowers and maybe a nice bench are great little touches that clients will appreciate.

Once all the design and decorating is done you will be able to see that all your time and effort was well worth it. Your salon will leave a lasting impression with your clientele.