Design Forecast: Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2017

Centered on serenity and simplicity the 2017 new interior trend reflects our need to simply log out, switch off and detox with our life. As 2016 saw a slew of online furnishing brands that launch onto the market proposing their customers the ability to customize and order home decor products online according to their own personal set of unique specifications. This trend is here to stay and set to continue this year as well as the e-commerce firms and new online companies establish themselves and reach a wider audience.

According to hospitality designers and interior experts, furnishing designs inspired from 1970`s are set to make a comeback in 2017. The relaxed and free-spirit era has been attracting the fashion industry and has now quickly moved towards interiors and home decor as well. The design elements and pattern of the 70`s were raw, bold and globally affluent, as a response to the social, economical and political environment of that time. Vivid colors and distinctive patterns will rule this year to create a more varied, personalized and an environment that will inspire the individuals.

Modern interior design trends are in a constant state of flux. The demands of innovative ideas and creative novel forms, along with the rapid technological advancements create modern designs that are fresh and inspiring. The trends come and go, but contemporary and classic interior principles remain. The trends like these are of fun and infused with bold appearance. The interior schemes will be full of exotic flavors inspired by the tropical places. The hues and shades will psychedelic largely influenced by the international places. A lot of brash and bold color clashes are expected this year, along with lively patterns and a lot of mixed fabrics and materials as fashion make its mark on interiors.

According to designer experts the vibrant bohemian color and pattern will bring a warm and global vibe to summer/spring 2017. Cushion covers and rugs in bold floral prints will prove to be an epitome of absolute opulence. As the splendid, bright shades help to accessorize a living space, an infusion of a wild imagination can create wonders. A saturated color palette dominates with purples, greens and oranges mixing with varied type of fabrics like linens, cottons will create interesting accessories and alluring interiors. One of the most fashionable trends for this year is the fascinating Oriental theme. This year is all about incorporating heavy, rich, deep colors in fabrics with interesting artwork. “It’s all about Asia”, say the experts. Either the entire room will be decorated within the luxurious trend of the market or by using few chosen elements of this theme to achieve a specific look. This style is glamorous yet sophisticated with an Asian Twist, which is definitely going to surf the trendy waves of fashion for 2017.

Even if you live in the city, surrounded with concrete jungles, the relaxed and informal coastal and nautical schemes will give you the impression of sandy feet and salty air, this year. A specific pattern and color will be combined to create a seaside feel that will work well in urban, country and coastal homes. Avoid using obvious nautical prints and use pop and chic bright shades in stripes mixed with tangerine orange and electric red to pep up your room, say the experts from the designer industry. Typography is one of the most latest upcoming trends that are going to bring bedrooms and living rooms to life. It could either be a series of themed words or a single over sized letter or printed direct to curtains blinds and other home accessories.

Increasingly style is becoming a matter of personal choice in 2017, more than a defined parameter or benchmarks set up by the industries. This year will also witness the extension of this speculation in the living rooms and bedrooms where local designers and homeowners will come together to create a personalized look that fuses two or three individual styles. While touches of vivacious prints and tropical charm are going to ride the waves of the latest fashion trend, styles like oriental, Indian and Asian inspired theme will provide the wonderful alchemy of the understated and exotic. Indian home furnishing textile has its unique way of collaborating vivid hues with distinctive patterns; you can surely explore the horizon of creative possibilities to create your own fusion style of home inspired by the innovative and latest home furnishing trends of 2017.