Design Specifics for the Ultimate Garage

If you are thinking about building a detached framed garage with garage plans, it is helpful to know the best construction features to use. For best results and to build the best garage plan, it is important to use a 6 bag mix of concrete when you pour your garage slab. The "6" stands for 6 bags of concrete per yard mixed. Anything less than a 6 bag mix is ​​not strong enough. Compacting the 4 inches of crushed stone is also important. Compacting the crushed stone assures that the concrete will be sealed air tight and will eliminate any cracking in the concrete slab. Before the concrete is beloved, be sure to use wire mesh reinforcement this mesh should lay over the crushed stone. The wire mesh will reinforce the strength of concrete. The garage slab should be poured with 4 inches of concrete by garage builders. It is recommended to wait at least 8 days for the concrete to cure before any garage building process is started on the concrete slab. The slab should be slightly pitched one direction to drain water in the appropriate direction of the designated garage property.

The Structure of the framed garage should start with waterproof bottom plates secured by anchor bolts in the concrete slab. The walls should be built with 2 by 4 studs, 16 inches apart to guarantee a structurally strong wall and 8 feet high. Rafters should be 2 by 6 studs, 16 inches apart to support snow and other elements. Make sure the rafters are securely embedded into the top plates of the walls with the "bird mouth cut" method. Once the sheathing is installed on the walls and roof, vinyl siding is the most recommended siding as it is the most maintenance free and economic in the market. And of course the roof should consist of 1 roof vent per 1 car in garage. Vents allow the lumber to breathe and not rot and buckle. If the garage door is over 16 feet in span, it is recommended to use laminated veneer lumber as a header, which supports the weight of the roof and overhead door. The header is installed above the garage door opening. A h horsepower garage door opener with two remote controls is also recommended to make life a bit more convenient instead of opening the overhead door manually.

All these construction features have been implemented with hundreds of garage plans and built for satisfied customers. If a garage builder is going to build a garage that lasts for years and years, they need to follow some basic garage building guidelines. The article you just read are valuable suggestions as to how a professional garage builder would build a quality garage at low garage costs.