Designer Grillz – Full Frontal Bling

If you buy your jewelry at the big box variety store, chances are that you’re not looking for designer jewelry. And you’re also not looking for dental jewelry.

Grillz, fronts, removable grills, gold caps or slugs, whatever you want to call them are not something you will find at your local super center. If you want a nice front you will need to either buy it online or go to one of the designer shops found in select cities.

Hence the question: Is it worth the money to go designer with your grill?

Paul Wall is famous for his music and for his designer grillz. At his website you will find fronts costing more than $5000. Of course the majority of his grillz cost a lot less and you can find a deal at the “Specials” link.

So what do you get if your front is a Wall creation, or another reputable designer? For one you get bragging rights. Another thing you get is the confidence that you are getting what you pay for. Any time you purchase jewelry, dental or not, you should buy from a reputable dealer. There are a lot of unscrupulous merchants out there and many of them are not above using substandard or even fake jewels.

If you buy a designer front that is made of a precious metal and decorated with precious stones you also get a piece of jewelry that has intrinsic value. The gold or sliver and the stones can be sold at a later date if you desire and you can recoup part or all of your investment. If the price of the metal and stones go up enough over time you may even profit from the sale of your jewelry.

Anytime you buy a diamond you should remember the four C’s: cut, color, clarity and carats (weight).

If a diamond is cut too shallow light will be lost out of the bottom of the stone and the brilliance will be reduced. If it is too deep light will escape out of the sides and make the diamond appear darker than it should.

Most diamonds have some color, and except for the fancy colored diamonds, the absence of color is the most desirable trait in diamonds. A truly clear diamond is rare.

Clarity is the absence of blemishes on or in the stone.

Carats are the measure of weight of the stone. You can usually get more carats for your money by buying several smaller stones rather than one larger one.

Last, when you buy your designer grillz, take them to an independent appraiser and have them appraised. That way you can be sure you got what you paid for – truly fine pieces of jewelry.