Designer Lighting Basics

A light bulb is just a light bulb to many people. In addition, light source placement, style, and design take a back seat to the basic functionality: light. How many really take care when planning and installing  lighting  sources within their home?

Consider the styling of a  lighting  fixture compared to the styling of its surrounding environment. Different light source types should be used depending on the setting. Larger rooms may require more  lighting  sources, or brighter sources, or something that reflects the theme of the room.

How much  lighting  power is needed when considering the proper  lighting  level? A basic rule of thumb would be to measure the room area in square meters and then multiply by 25 for tungsten  lighting , 15 for halogen  lighting , and 19 for compact fluorescent  lighting . This method can help to determine total wattage required by your light sources for proper  lighting .

Attention should be given to style when selecting a  lighting  source for a particular setting. Designer  lighting  fixtures add a touch of elegance and style to any room.

Within its own sphere, designer  lighting  embraces the elements of artistic expression. Whatever the style, designers have crafted a wide range of  lighting  selections that cater to every taste and may be displayed as art.

Any form of  lighting  will often do for many of us. Find a light source, place it in a room and things are set until the light burns out. However, the correct  lighting  setup can add so much more to a room.

Whatever the occasion or setting, modern designer  lighting  will provide a good  lighting  solutions in a room and bring a satisfying look and feel.  Lighting  options are available from ceiling and wall lights, to floor and table lamps. Also,  lighting  fixtures can be used for outdoor  lighting  needs.