Designer Shearling Coats Are Hotter Than Ever: 5 Style Trends

After you have perused the various styles in your local department store or online, and tried on a number of coats, you will feel more prepared for your purchase. Here are the five five trends to look out for this season:

1. The first trend is actually a classic-a full length, shearling coat. Rather than choosing a shearling item for its popularity, go for a timeless piece such as a coat, which will never go out of style.

2. A more recent trend in shearling is a shawl. This is a great item to wear with party dresses, trousers or skirts.

3. Another recent trend is a comfortable and elegant wrap. Interesting details can be added, such as stitching and embroidery for an eye popping effect.

4. For a more utilitarian look, the aviator trend with its thick, cropped shape and furry collar make a big impression.

5. The last trend to consider is a poncho. While it may seem informal, it can be easily dressed up with a fancy belt or with other fur accessories such as a headband or fur trimmed leather boots.

What's great about all of these trends is the sheer amount of choice. There are options for hoods, pockets, zippers, belts and more, and instead of standard colors such as black and brown, you can opt for khaki and deep rich chocolate colors, or more playful shades in green or red. Whatever style you choose in shearling, the most important thing is that it flatters your body and that you feel good in it. You want to choose a coat that is flattering to your body type and which you can wear for an elegant evening out on the town, or simply with a pair of jeans. One of the most important things you should avoid is buying a coat that is too small or tight fitting. You want to leave room for layers and do not want any gaps between buttons.

Quality of shearling coats and trends can be tested when you touch the fur with your hands-the underfur should be even textured and the guard hairs should be soft. Also, check the weight of the coat when you try it on. A high quality pelt should not be cumbersome, nor should it be lightweight. You can also check the label on the coat or garment. "Royal Dynasty" is the highest mark a coat can receive by fur industry leaders. This guarantees the quality of pelt, style and craftsmanship. Your nose can also be a powerful tool-real fur will have a fairly rich, leathery scent upon close inspection.