Designing a Narrow Sloping Garden

It is quite an interesting thing to design a narrow sloping garden for your house. These gardens are usually collectively leased. As back of the house usually enjoys a good amount of sunlight, but in sloping garden the ground slopes are steeply in the garden, so the terrace is usually put at lower level of the garden. This leaves only a narrow area for the paving against the house. The retaining wall in this case should have made a little higher than usual to obscure the patio below when viewed from behind the door. A good number of steps are needed to reach the lower level.

To give these steps a graceful descending look, it is better to turn the steps transversely the face of the retaining wall. These steps usually take as long as to reach the lower level. It has been seen that the retaining wall without any planting can be dangerous as it discourages the people from falling down. So, it is necessary to bring the retaining wall up above the upper paving where there is no place for planting. Stone balustrade can also be used in few cases. For privacy purposes with neighbors, there are few designs in which the top terrace is raised to a certain level.

Bold planting should be planned on each side on the two large areas to improve the privacy. The main terrace usually has a shed or a summer house to have a good time under them in summer. Make sure that the roof of the shed or summer house is so designed that it will not hinder the view from patio doors, although the bold plant helps to cover up the roof. You will have to keep the patio flushed with the lawn so as to give an impression of more extra space.

As far as planting is concerned, the arrangement should be like any other formal garden and there is no compulsion to have a same sort of plant species on either sides. The only thing which makes the difference is the introduction of a bank. Retaining walls are needed on each side to keep the neighboring land safe. At one edge of this bank, a circular bed is positioned. Remember, the visible walls should be of brick or stone, whereas the walls screened with shrubberies or of summer house can be of a cheaper material.

Different things have their contribution to strengthen the formality of the garden. Circular bed, seat, plantation and the use of plants purely give your garden an eye-catching looks. Trellis is usually the main part of any garden covered with clematis and climbing roses behind the seat. Some evergreen can be added for winter screening at the end fence as well. Those parts of the garden which are considered as the shadiest and has garden shed are used to store garden tools and mower. By slight modifications in the layout of your garden, you can make a space behind the trellis for fruits and vegetables. Planting flowers of different colors, especially of red and orange color flowers, will give a visual shortening effect.