Designing With Balustrades

So you want a fence for your home, but you are not quite sure what you want to go with. That situation is perfectly normal, especially when there are many options on balustrades. The balustrade itself is the main component of a fence because it consumes most of it. Therefore, you want to make sure you choose wisely. It’s time to get creative.

Balustrade Shapes

What kind of look would you enjoy best in between your top rails and bottom rails? You could opt for a standard square-shaped balustrade and run them four to eight inches apart. You can also pick rounded ones and spread them out the same distance. Or you can even choose a flat-styled model to present a flatter look. Other than those options, you can also go with a bent style that conforms to a specific shape.

In any case, the choice is yours, but you want to make sure it will blend well with the things around it, as well as create a stylistic look that fits the theme and mood of the area. For example, a happy joy-joy design does not work for a luxurious patio nor does a high-class appearance fit a play area with kid toys, although that one is a possibility depending on circumstances. For good ideas, you can look at other balustrades to see what is being used.

Bent Balustrade Designs

If you decide to go with a bent-styled balustrade, there are numerous options. This opens up the creativity window, as well as your imagination. Some styles feature wavy balustrades while others present a curved appearance. Aside from that, maybe you’d like a specific pattern, such as circular balustrade designs, right angled designs, or even staircase appearance. Balustrades don’t have to be one direction either, which means that you can have vertical designs with pieces branching off, which is where a staircase design would come into play… or even a squared design. If you have already checked out other balustrades, you might have seen some of these examples, depending on where you have looked.

The Materials

Balustrades usually are the same material as the top and bottom rails, but there are some exceptions. Glass balustrades can be installed, as well as metal ones on a wooden frame. However, the most common material used is metal. You will mainly see wrought iron styles, but can also find aluminum and stainless steel.

In closing, balustrades vary from one location to the next. Drive around and see what you can find that you like and begin to build your own work of art. With so many options, it often helps to see what is out there in the real world so you can make better decisions and get what you truly want.