Designing With Carrera Subway Tiles – No Longer Hip to Be Square

Subway marble mosaic tile has come full circle in the minds and hearts of American consumers over the last several years, but the popularity has certainly exceeded all our expectations over the last two years. It is clear that from the overwhelming popularity of Subway marble tile in 3×6″, 3×8″ and 4×8″ formats that it is clear to all that it is no longer ‘hip to be square’. In the bathroom or simply a kitchen backsplash Carrera 3×6″ tile is a timeless addition to any design regardless of what theme you are trying to create. Most often noted for gracing the walls of many of the historic homes and bungalows built in the early 20th century, and made famous for their prominence in stations in the New York Subway system beginning in 1904, subway tile is making a name for itself once again today. The reason for this is that Carrera 3×6″ tile fits in to almost any interior design style. Subway tile is at home with the historic look when paired with a hexagonal tile floor, along with pedestal sinks and claw-foot bathtubs. Carrara subway tile also fits the modern look of a kitchen with Carrera 3×6″ Tile on the backsplash coordinated with stainless steel appliances and wood flooring it is a nice addition to any home.

Design ideas

Many interior designers love subway tile when designing a modern kitchen. Designers are opting to finish homes using stainless steel appliances, a stainless steel stove, dark granite countertops, track lighting and glass subway tile color coordinated with other elements in the room. The kitchen turned out beautiful. The majority of homeowners are familiar with the use of Subway 3×6″ in Bungalows and Victorian properties commonly built in the early 20th century. This tile was pervasive to that time period and the original tile still remains in many homes. But more often than not the tile was removed, damaged, or remodeled away by one of the home’s owners through the years.

Today, many homeowners who acquire such unique residences are seeking to return their homes as close as possible to their original glory. Subway tile is the overwhelming choice by homeowners in this situation. To match tile installations of the period, try a 3×6″ subway tile installed in a brick pattern on the walls with a 1″ honed hexagon or Basketweave mosaic tile for the floor. You will achieve your goal of bringing the house close to its original state and have a beautiful looking bathroom for years to come. As you can see, the design possibilities using subway tile are limitless no matter what design theme is present in your home.