Desktop Wallpaper Tips

So, you have a brand new, shiny laptop your parents cave you for college. You have already installed all the software you need for writing papers, surfing the net, listening to your MP3s, etc. But you'd like to add that little something that will identify your laptop from all the others as soon as you turn it on. The most effective way is to place a Desktop Wallpaper.

In choosing a desktop wallpaper for your computer, keep in mind the following:

  1. It should be an image you would like to see everyday.
  2. Someone else might see it (parents, classmates, etc.) so keep it strictly GP.
  3. It should not be too big a file otherwise it will make your computer's loading time slower.
  4. Choose an image that can stand to be blown up to 800×600 pixels or bigger. Low resolution images may not look good.

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind, original desktop wallpaper for your computer, here are some tips:

  1. Start with a high resolution picture or image 700 pixels high.
  2. Avoid screen captures from videos that are no DVD quality. Enlarging low resolution pictures is not a good idea as image degradation is noticeable.
  3. Try getting free images from Media Miner and Google Image Search.
  4. If your image has artifacts (small uneven squares of color) try cleaning them off first. If you can get a good clean image, better.
  5. Choose colors that go well together. A desktop wallpaper is really a work of art and should be treated as such.
  6. Do not overly compress your image when saving it. A 1024×768 pixel image is generally 100kb.
  7. Be prepared to spend a lot of time creating your wallpaper. If you know how to use Photoshop, experiment with various filters and effects.
  8. The purpose of desktop wallpapers is to not only beautify your desktop, it is also a reflection of your personality. A simple, clean background reflects a well organized mind.

You have finished making your image and you now want to know how to place it on your desktop. Here are some simple steps you can follow;

Step 1:

Find a large version of a photo you wish to use. TIP: Download or take a photo at the highest resolution available.

Step 2:

TIP: If you have Windows Vista, its super easy. Just right click the image file and pick PREVIEW. This is the process we will use here.

Step 3:

From Vista's gallery window, Click FIX and then CROP

Step 4:

Set the ratio drop-down list to 16×9 for your widescreen monitor. Now drag the stretch the box to make the image look nice. Click Apply.

Step 5:

Here's your final image. Save it to "My Pictures" as a .jpg.

Step 6:

Right-click your open desktop and click Personalize

Step 7:

Click Desktop background

Step 8:

Pick your image, pick the fill or stretch option and click OK.

There are many sites on the net that offer free desktop wallpapers. The choices are essentially endless. You just need to download and install.