Detachment – A Key to Faster Manifesting

"When you want nothing, you can have everything". Wanting nothing means you already are in a state of having it.

I realize that the most challenging step in manifesting a magical moment is detachment.

You intend, you visualize, and then you let it go and you repeat this process again and again until what you desire manifests in the material world.

There is a gap between the thought process and the actual manifestation in the physical world. That gap is your safety valve. In that gap, you can perfect the vision of what you have intended. After you have perfected the vision, you let it go. Much like encircling it in a bubble and then releasing it. We all have played with this when we were little. This is what detachment is about.

What detachment calls for is faith. Not blind faith but the intuitive knowledge that if something is good for you in the long run, it has to manifest.

The only discipline you need is sustained focus on that which you desire the most. However you also need to let go. To let it go, you need to go into the space of infinity where lies unlimited potential.

There is only one thing that the sages keep repeating in the books. There is nothing that is not contained in you. You simply have to access it. To access it, you need to be internally still. To be internally still is to trust. To trust in yourself.

I quote the excerpt of my book for those of you who have not yet read it.

Synopsis of My Journey to an Integrated Life

We look deep within and figure out what stirs our soul.

Once we make the decision of what is important in our lives, the universe opens up possibilities to get there, but we have to take a leap of Faith, where ever and however we find it, that we will be supported in our decision

Book Excerpt

The cube is a symbol of stability. It is also a symbol of total balance. Sometimes it is used to symbolize truth.

To me, the cube is a symbol of perfection, it is a symbol of an integrated life. An integrated life is a life led by an integrated person.

In it, there is perfect harmony between wants and needs, be they spiritual, financial, physical, mental or relationship needs and wants. For each individual, such a perfect balance exists, and such balance can only be determined by the person living his or her life.

Paradoxically, achieving balance in all areas of our lives is not a static process but rather a very dynamic one. Our needs and wants change.

Everything outside of us changes. Our bodies change. How then do we achieve this balance when everything changes? We must bring ourselves back to that which is immutable, our divine Self which is unchanging.

It is pure, perfect, endowed with infinite wisdom and has within it all the knowledge required to make sound decisions. All we have to do is remember it.

When we remember this Self, we are in the moment, and all of our thoughts and actions or inactions are perfect for that moment.

An integrated life is a series of perfect moments, arranged like pearls in a necklace that has no clasps.