Detachment Allows Your Desires To Come To You

The whole purpose of detachment is to keep yourself in vibrational harmony with your desires. Detachment means that you become someone who doesn’t have a care in a the world. You allow yourself to feel good no matter what happens. As far as your mind is concerned, your desire is already a reality within your consciousness. By being detached, you keep yourself happy, positive and vibrant at all times. Let go of attachment without stopping the action, in bringing your desires to fulfillment.

Detachment is to be willing to trust in the Divine Order and Divine Timing. Choose to elevate your consciousness to a place of peaceful expectancy, a place of allowing, where you feel absolutely certain that all is well, right now. You should check to see if higher consciousness has something better in mind for you because what you wish for may not necessarily manifest because it is not meant for you. Be willing to trust in higher consciousness and to let go of your intention if you find out it is not the best one. Realize that higher consciousness has what you truly desire the most.

Focus on your intent and be certain about the outcome of your desire, but be detached to any ideas about things that may stop you from achieving it. You should have a goal, an aim or intent about a certain outcome you want to achieve. Detachment means that you become someone who doesn’t have a care in a the world about whatever obstacles and challenges you may face towards the fulfillment of that goal. You are aware of what problems you may face but you are detached from them, focusing solely on your intent only. Let go of attachment without stopping the action in bringing your desires to fulfillment.

The only thing preventing you from reaching a goal is resistance. It’s attachment to the outcome or object of desire that causes resistance. So as a result you have a fear of not attaining it or of then losing it. So you put force and effort in there. Force results in counter-force, a reaction. That acts as a counter-intention and nullifies the intention. Nothing happens. When you learn to release your limiting thoughts and feelings you will be absolutely amazed at all of the resources, people, ideas, confidence that becomes immediately available to you.

When you learn to release limiting feelings, you release problems. This frees up your energy, mentally and physically. Wanting creates a feeling of lacking. Want IS lack. It’s the feeling of wanting, of not having, that creates not having! Would you rather want? Or would you rather have? Your odds of achieving any goal will only improve when you release the resistance which are the feelings that have stopped you in the past. Remember when you remove resistance, you reduce the energy and effort and stress required to take successful action.

Be conscious of the feeling of having your desire. Just allow yourself to experience the feeling of having it, not receiving it, not getting it, not creating it, not wanting it, not spending it. Focus on having, just having. Having it there. Not trying to change anything in your life, just having it there. How does it feel to be so safe, so loved, that the universe has given you that desire? This sets all the coincidences in advance and circumstances in line, for you to have your desire.

Taking a deep breath. Finding that feeling and allowing the joy of that to flow to the surface. Allow the joy of having, the joy of having that desire to flow to the surface of your feelings now. To the top of your head, to the top of your mind. It is the strongest feeling that you feel in your body, your mind and your soul. Feeling of absolute gratefulness and appreciation. Thankfulness.

The best way to detach is to think about the things that make you happy and not on the things that make you unhappy. Express thanks that what you ask for is already given and feel the joy of it being a reality. And this joy is what you remember whenever you’re thinking about your desire, as it becomes your set point. Thinking about things that make you happy and feeling good skips all resistance and allows your desires to come to you.