Detachment From Attachment

Animals, lovers, customers, all have one thing in common – more you chase them further they will run from you. Have you ever wondered why all your flights are on time but the one that you want to catch desperately, go home early and you are hoping it is exact on time, invariably it is late! Sometimes, when you meet a cute girl at a party and exchange numbers, you sit besides the phone all day next day but she does not call. The moment you start your day at work, she will call!

Whenever we are desperately involved – emotionally attached to a transaction or a happening, we obstruct it. It is said that whenever you are desperate for something to happen – husband to quit smoking, boss to promote you, a guy to like you etc, you are pushing them away because of your desperation and creating an energy around you which is pushing the desired outcome away from you. You need to positive without being too attached to a cause or a situation or else you will push it away

If you become too possessive and over attached to your spouse, spouse will feel claustrophobic in the relationship and she will start going away from you. There is a fine line between  detachment  and attachment. Too much of attachment might hamper your growth and happiness!  Detachment  is not disinterest. It is possible to be detached and still be very determined. People who are detached and determined know that effort and excellence are ultimately rewarded. Let us say you apply for a job in a well known company, get very attached to the whole situation but ultimately do not bag the job. Chances are you will go into an emotional turmoil and spoil your future chances also. Instead, do not be so detached that it spells death for you! Be concern, be determined to bag the job next time and work hard towards it.

It is thus imperative for us to be attached on a minimal level. This does not discount passion or love for somebody or something. Just, too much of it bogs down the other person. In the process of too much of attachment, you do not just spoil your own emotional quotient but also of the other person.

Maintain a fine balance between determination, attachment and  detachment . Do not run after something. Make necessary efforts to procure it but do not be obsessed with it. Negative energies will keep pushing it away from you. Make efforts, yield will be positive!