Detachment – The Key to Getting What You Desire

Emotions. We all have them. They can cover a wide range. We can choose to hide them or express them. But the most important thing you can do is detach from them if you want to achieve what we desire.

In order to successfully attract something, you must be detached to the outcome. If you are attached to the output of something you desire, you project the negative emotions of panic, disbelief, distrust, pessimism, fear or yearning which actually joins the opposite of your goal. When you project these negative emotions you are functioning from a position of fear, anxiety, and doubt instead of confidence, trust, belief, trust and peace.


What is attachment? Attachment is being POWERLESS. When you devote all or most of your energy and time to something, you are attached to it. When you look to the external, to outside sources, to complete you, to make you whole, to provide your happiness and fulfillment, you are attached and powerless. You have abandoned your source, your core, your self. You have enslaved your to the situation or to another person.

Attachment creates insecurity. You spend your time worrying if you will get what you want and if you get some of it you worry about how you will keep it and if you will lose it. Attachment occurs when we demand that everything be known to us. It is an attachment to the known. We demand, fret and get angry over not knowing how something will be achieved. We lack trust and have no faith. Attachment sets you up for days and nights of crying, worrying, raging, feeling jealous, overeating and feeling sorry for yourself.


What is detachment?

Detachment is being POWERFUL. It is when you let go and let God (or the Universe or whatever you want to call it). It is when you step back and decide that whatever the outcome – and the journey to that outlet – you will grow, learn and in the end, have something good. Yes, you may get exactly what you want or no, you may not but instead you will get something quite satisfying. Detachment is deciding that either way, you will be pleased with the outcome.

Have you noticed that sometimes the harder you try to work out something the worse the situation gets? That is when you are being told to detach. When you use force you create new problems. When you allow God / the Universe to work, achievement is effortless. The best thing for you to do is to take control when and where you can and when you meet the wall of resistance that tell you to release – release !! The situation will work out and you can sit back and reap the fruits / profits etc.

Being detached permits you to change your focus and shift to something new if necessary. It means you can go with the flow, without giving up on your intention.

You do not need a rigid, inflexible, detailed plan laid before about how you will get what you want. When you surf the waves of the unknown and let uncertainty wash around you, you become flexible, spontaneous, and open to a wide range of opportunities that can be blessings to you. You have experiences you might not have had otherwise and meet people you would not have otherwise encountered.

Detachment means realizing that God / the Universe is delivering good things to you and doing good things through other persons and you. It means realizing there is nothing you need to force. It's all good. With this in mind, do you realize you can have anything through detachment? A home. A car. A mate. A job.

Embrace your desire and intentions but do not cling to them. State your intentions and desires and rest knowing they will be accomplished.

The Law of Attraction tells us that what we experience is a result of what we feel; it is a result of our attitude. If we are detached from the outcome, feeling calm and know that the output will be a good one, we will get a good exit. You may not get the specific job or boyfriend you wanted, but you will get a fantastic job or a boyfriend who loves you so deeply you, and you him, that you can not imagine life without him!

Remember, whatever you detach from has no power over you, rather you have absolute power over it.

For example, if you desire a loving and intimate relationship with a particular man who makes himself emotionally and physically unavailable, right now, detach. State your intention and desire to have a loving, intimate relationship with this man, but detach knowing that you will either get a loving and intimate relationship with this man or he will be replaced with someone wonderful who will make you forget about all this emotionally unavailable man. In that case, that unavailable man is the loser in this situation if he does not awaken and see you value; you are missing nothing of value if he does not!

Along the journey you can be open and flexible enough to learn about yourself and why you were attracted to an emotionally unavailable man. See? You grow emotionally and spiritually and you get a great relationship – all by practicing detachment. Achieve your intentions from a position of power. Detach and let it all work out. It's all good!