Developing a Technology of Stillness

Stillness is the place where we meet what is essential in us – what lasts and is deeply fulfilling. It is a place of non-disturbance where there is enough space and enough quiet to hear the subtle whispers of intuition and guidance. Stillness is a place where we can rest and feel ourselves fully connected to life.

The vast reservoir of stillness is always waiting. It is only our connection to it that varies.

As humans, we want to live an exceptional life in this very physical, very concrete, world. As spiritual or energetic beings, we have a deep, innate desire to be in clear and constant touch with our true nature. In opening to stillness we achieve both. We unburden ourselves of the limitations – physical, emotional and behavioral – that have interfered with our abilities to enjoy life freely and abundantly. And we find what is essential and true in our nature.

Is it possible to take something as subtle and fragile as our connection to stillness and make it predictable and consistent? Could we, in fact, create a “technology” of stillness to make that connection inevitable and our default way of being in the world? My answer is YES! Absolutely.

In creating a technology of stillness it would be useful to know how we have lost – or at least misplaced – something as natural to our being as the spaciousness of undisturbed flow. What I have observed in myself and hundreds of others is that, in response to stresses experienced throughout our lives (even sometimes in utero), we have become contracted from this natural and complete state of being.

As we let go, therefore, of the patterns and defenses that create and protect this contraction, we will begin to open. The experience is one of de-intensification, of opening the “weave” of the body so that we experience a greater flow of energy. We become more like ourselves. This is literally true for, as we flow more energy, we become less dense and experience more of our true nature – energetic or “spiritual” beings. Happily, the new science in physics and biology support this premise and our experience.

Intervention through the Body

This letting go process occurs easiest and most quickly by going through the body to reduce the contraction there. We found that changing our thinking patterns is slow, tedious, and fraught with the danger of “thinking” ourselves right back into one of our standard perspectives. So, we have focused on a body-centered approach.

As we let go of muscle tension and relax the parts and processes of our bodies, our minds naturally lose their automatic, unproductive, and repetitive thoughts. We create space between stimuli and our responses, lessening the time we spend lost in automatic reflexes. We begin to wake up.

While your core personality will not change (at least not in the early stages of this process), what does change predictably is that you will be less influenced by the fears, compulsions, and filters that distort your true expression. As our body releases its tensions and patterns, our thinking follows. We regain the innocence and pleasure that young children experience in living.

Tools for Opening

In developing a Technology of Stillness we called upon both ancient and modern tools, both simple and complex. Practices of using and watching the breath, for instance, are a time-tested doorway into the reservoir of stillness that awaits us. Mindfulness – the use of attention – brings us into the NOW. Stretching, strength, and body alignment allows energy to move freely.

But these practices cannot quickly overcome the set-in resistance of the body and mind. Culture creates a strong pull to its way of being. Traditional practices take a long time to recalibrate our resonance to the frequencies of stillness. Humans want and need stillness now.

So, we round out the ancient practices with the modern ones, using frequencies to unravel and resolve our contraction efficiently and permanently. One such tool is coupling breath work with actual vibration, added directly into the body. The resulting technique, or Vibrational Release Technique, is the single most efficient path to eliminate stress from the nervous system.

An audio learning program is another high-technology tool we use to re-train the body to the frequencies of lower resistance and higher flow. The audio program uses actual tones and waves to induce deep relaxation and to create greater flow and possibility in the body/mind as old patterns fall away.

o The tones in the program mirror the tones in the physiology, i.e., how tightly the muscles hold on, represented by how many times per second (hz) the muscles fire.

o The waves in the program allow your body/mind to resonate at deeper levels of openness through your built-in “frequency following response.” This automatic response is your tendency to resonate with the predominant frequency around you.

With regular use of the audio program, your body/mind will learn how to let go into and sustain a more open state of being than the culture around you.

A Technology of Stillness

An effective technology must create predictable and consistent results. Yet, to be effective with humans, it must be flexible enough to work with our individual nervous systems, patterning, and readiness for letting go. It cannot force a result. It must simply open the possibility and provide effective support.

The Technology of Stillness is designed for you to stabilize in each new level of stillness so that you are ready to open to the next level. As stillness deepens you can make emotional, mental and physiological changes that you would otherwise not be able to make.