Devil’s Hole

Devil’s Hole (now properly known as “Devil’s Hole Aquarium”) can be found near the Southeast of Harrington Sound, in Smith’s Parish. It has been one of Bermuda’s most popular attractions since perhaps the 1830s or 1840s (it is sometimes described as Bermuda’s first tourist attraction).

Devil’s Hole was once a subterranean ocean cave fed by the Atlantic Ocean (it is connected to the Ocean, rather than the nearer Harrington Sound). The roof of the cave collapsed, and this resulted in the formation of a sinkhole, still connected to the Atlantic Ocean, which acts as a natural tropical aquarium and a haven for many forms of marine life. Many species of sea life are thus found at Devil’s Hole, including numerous varieties of reef fish, as well as Moray eels, and green turtles.

Devil’s Hole gets its name as a result of the eerie sounds that can be heard at the location. Some people say that these sounds resemble the sound of the devil moaning. The reality is of course somewhat more mundane – these sounds are natural rather than supernatural in origin, and are simply the result of water rising and falling through channels in the rock.

Although originally a natural aquarium, and even though the aquarium remains the main attraction, today a variety of other facilities have been constructed at the location, known as the “The Devil’s Hole Complex”. As well as the aquarium, these include a café with a wonderful view of Harrington Sound, and a gift shop.