DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor

If you are looking for an indoor air compressor, then you can consider going for the DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor. It is a model that is recommended for custom installation, furniture building, and carpentry work among others. The D55140 is lightweight, having a compact design to make it very portable. You can be sure that moving around the workshop or home with the model will not be a toll order.

This little air compressor combines power, performance together with portability within its compact, lightweight design. You can buy it from Amazon at relatively affordable rates. The model is shipped very fast and you can at least be guaranteed that you will never have any regrets after buying it. If you follow the break in procedures, you will be assured of maximum efficient function without any hitch. You will use it for light trimming tasks, flooring stapler, pumping tires etc. 1 gallon filled to capacity will be able to fill a good number of your car tires. It surely is the best compressor that assures you of excellent performance for your next project at home.

Product Features

– It has a high flow regulator that’s increases performance

– It also comes with an in built cord wrap for convenient easy storage

– One quick coupler for easy support of one nailer

– It has a ball valve drain that allows for thorough and quick tank draining

– It is lightweight, weighing 24 pounds and has a compact design hence making it easy to carry around

– Its draw motor is low at 2.6 amp to provide easy start up as well as reducing breaker tripping

– The pump is oil free and durable, providing extended and maintenance free operation

– The control panel and the roll cage provide protection to the important compressor components

– It produces low noise at 71 decibels thereby allowing for quieter operations


– The model is lightweight and has a very compact design making it to be an easy to transport air compressor.

– It weighs just 24 pounds making it easy to move around with in the workshop as you do your repairs.

– The model is designed with very durable materials such as cast iron hence boosting the overall durability of the machine

– It is a suitable model for renovations together with small scale home repairs

– It is oil free hence making periodic maintenance to be of no need


– It is not a suitable model for heavier responsibilities that need higher CFM to be accomplished.

– It cannot be used for long hours each day and can’t also be used throughout the seven days of the week without a break.

– It is very slow in nailing

Features at a Glance

The DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor is a fundamental, lightweight and durable unit that is able to provided that much needed air at home for certain repairs and maintenance. Carrying the machine is very easy making it possible to be carried from site to site and from one place to the other. The compact design together with the utilizing tool is regarded as tremendous in job completion. Its fast recovery feature, that takes only a minute to bring the model back and other features all come at a very affordable price.

No oily residue and not much maintenance or cleaning is needed

The DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor pump is oil free meaning there is no provision for oil changing. Machines that use oil may be tedious to maintain and to change oil. The lightweight compressor is also characterized with low noise that rates at 69 decibels. This is relatively low when you compare it with the many oil free compressors in the market. In a nutshell, the model is a quiet, efficient, dependable, efficient, reliable… air compressor.

Designed for extended durability

Heavy duty cast iron material is the main material used in building the compressor. Heavy duty cast iron material is tough enough to resist or rather withstand accidents together with wear and tear. In the design is an innovative roll cage together with a full protection frame all of which promises maximum durability together with extended life of maximum performance.

Why you need to buy this product

The unit is an essential component for any trim task together with unusual carpentry work. Its compressor is pretty much manageable and is capable of inflating any form or type of tyre including the small cars as well as the huge trucks. Just visit Amazon and get the chance of buying this wonderful product for your home use.

Anyone interested in finish carpentry or other woodworks should consider buying a DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor for their use. It will be of great assistance when it comes to custom shelve set up among other finishing. With a high surge in performance in any indoor activity such as furniture, carpentry, building, finish and custom installations, this is the unit to trust.

Its features do speak for itself. The model has been engineered with functionality and efficiency in mind. The interests of the customers are prioritized. If you are not content with just the features, searching for reviews can convince you more.

Customer Reviews and Scores of the Dewalt D55140

Most of the customers in the major stores such as Amazon give this model a high score in ratings and several positive reviews. More than 60 percent of the reviewers rate it as the “perfect Portable compressor” with others saying that it is good. Very few customers think otherwise of it. just a quarter of the reviewers give it less than 3 star rating with the remaining seventy five percent giving it more than 75% rating.

In a nutshell, a majority of the consumers are satisfied with the unit’s performance. As long as you are going to use the model for small scale functions, it will serve you well. Most of the disappointed customers are those who bought it with the hopes of using it on a 24-7 basis. It scores an average of 4 out of five stars in rating with most of the reviews being positive.


The DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim is the suitable compressor for the low volume air needs. It has been optimally and skillfully designed to be protected from any accidents, protection from the effects of wear and tear etc through the heavy duty high quality cast iron material used to build it. It is oil free and is designed to be lubricated before use. This ensures that it has maintenance free extended unit life operation.

The D55140 is an indispensable machine that is highly recommended for the small scale home repairs as well as renovations among others. It comes with an ergonomic design that ensures you get optimum power usage as well as quick recovery during operations. For any of your air pressure requirements within its range of design and price, go for the DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor and you will enjoy a lovable, quiet, affordable, versatile and a high performer air compressor.