Diamond Chandelier Earrings

To value a diamond, the four C’s are carat, cut, color and clarity. When a jeweler describes a diamond as flawless, it means that there are no internal imperfections or visible surface imperfections. Viewed under a 10-power magnification, a skilled diamond grade expert can establish the value of a diamond. Diamonds, as with many other gemstones, have their weight stated in carats. When the weight of a diamond is in decimals, this figure is accurate to the last decimal point. An example is a diamond said to be .40 carat; this could represent a weight of .395 to .404 carat.

Pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are uncommon but considered some of the most beautiful diamonds on earth. Many famous movie stars own pink diamond  chandelier  earrings and they are certainly a thing of beauty. These diamond earrings are luxury and people love luxurious items. Pink diamonds are ‘real’ diamonds that nature does not make very often. Because of this, there are man made pink diamonds offered by jewelers. They are less expensive than natural pink diamonds. These diamonds are in style

 Chandelier  earrings

Purchasing a pair of diamond  chandelier  earrings for you or as a gift can be very exciting but also a difficult decision when it comes to choosing the right pair. As with clothing or other products, diamond jewelry and earrings have fashions or styles also. Make sure you consider this when shopping for diamond earrings.

The great news is that diamond  chandelier  earrings are all the rage and a ‘must have’. Open any celebrity magazine or watch the awards shows on television and all the women are wearing magnificent  chandelier  diamond earrings. These earrings are a great accessory for any outfit and make you feel glamorous. Not only will they make you feel sexy but often catch the eye of people around you. Originally started around 1920, these  chandelier  earrings are still available in some antique and collectible shops.

Diamonds have a fiery brilliance all their own, and wearing a pair of diamond  chandelier  earrings draws attention to a woman’s features as they cascade from each earlobe, framing her face and drawing attention to her neck. If a woman is wearing a special  chandelier  pair for an evening out, bare shoulders and cascading, dangling diamond earrings will look spectacular. Do not forget to give some thought to what you want the diamonds set such as platinum, white or yellow gold and silver.

Diamond  chandelier  earrings that have a tapered dangle design give a modern yet sophisticated look. Worn both as casual and formal wear, they give a brilliant, yet captivating look.

So remember, for yourself or that special someone in your life, a pair of diamond  chandelier  earrings will last forever, go up in value and make the person wearing them look and feel special. Make sure you do some research and then go buy the earrings of your or someone else’s dreams.