Diamond Drill Bits

If you are looking for diamond drill bits, don’t look any further. Shop online to find the best diamond drill bits at exceptional prices! Let’s look at a few of them now.

The most popular set is this 5-Piece Diamond Drill Bit Set. These can be used on glass, masonry, marble, or concrete. These are super duty products made of nickel plated high speed still with diamond tips. These work better than the twist design you normally see because it allows greater surface area on the diamonds which means your cutting will be precise and reasonably quick.

Now when using these diamond bits, be sure to use them on low speed with some type of coolant (water or oil). Otherwise, these bits will get so hot that they will ruin what you are trying to drill and the bits themselves will be useless. This 5-piece set is made of #36, #50, #54, #56, and #60.

If you are looking for the more conventional type of diamond drill bits, look at the Northern Industrial Diamond Coated Drill Bits. This is a 10-piece set that are heavy duty and are great jobs that require extra strength. They work especially good for auto repairs because they are so tough. You can drill through steel, cast iron, or aluminum.

This 10 piece set has bits ranging in size from 5/64″ to 3/8″. Northern Industrial also has an 8-piece set you can purchase.

Now sometimes regular diamond drill bits won’t work for what you need. For many jobs, what you really need is diamond hole saw drill bits. In that case, take a look at this 10 piece diamond drill bit set that work great. They cut just like professional tools, and they last for quite a while. These diamond bits are perfect for glass, slate, marble, and tile. Of course, be sure to use them at a very low speed and keep them lubricated with oil or water. You aren’t cutting wood here, you know!

Now you need to be somewhat educated when choosing the right diamond drill bits for the job. First thing you need to figure out is exactly what you want to cut. They come in different sizes, shapes, and hardness based on what they will be used on. If you use the wrong bits on the wrong material, you could damage the bits, the material, and even yourself.

Just look on the packaging to find out what each bit was designed for. The list of acceptable materials will be given. Also look online for great deals and consider buying in bulk! You might be amazed at some of the awesome deals you can find online on diamond drill bits.

Also do a little research online to learn how to these product properly. Clearly, you need to use them slowly and carefully, and be sure to keep them wet to keep them lasting longer. Otherwise, the heads will dull very quickly, and you won’t make progress at all. You won’t have to look far at all to find in-depth videos showing you exactly how to drill properly. You know the adage, measure twice and cut once? Well, the same applies for drilling, so make sure you spend a little time planning ahead before you jump right in.