Diamonds of Love

The Lord appeared to Jeremiah, saying: Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you and continued My faithfulness to you. (Jer 31:3)

God used Jeremiah, His messenger to tell these words to His people long time ago. In Christ the message communicated by Jeremiah covers us as well. We could receive – at least partly – the Father’s everlasting love.

Partly, because we in our human body are not able to feel, sense or comprehend perfectly, fully and completely that kind of love with which our heavenly Father overwhelms us.

Only someday in the eternity where we shall stand before Him, near to His Son in the circle of the angels who were charged to guard us in all our ways on the earth and bear us up in their hands. On that very day His everlasting love shall deluge our heart and make us feel how much our Father and His Son always have felt toward us. It’ll be surely a marvelous experience.

Yet there is a chance right now, here on earth to evaluate, to taste His everlasting love. Let us take a little journey in the Bible to let not this chance go by.

One of the apostles of Jesus, John, son of Zebedee, for that matter Jesus’ most beloved disciple was able to catch the Father’s love the most. It was he who wrote down Jesus words: The Father Himself tenderly loves you because you have loved Me and have believed that I came out from the Father. (John 16:27 AMP).

The more we love His Son, the more we can catch the Father’s love emitted directly on us.

Long time ago, even before Creation, even before time itself was established that your Father had imagined you and planned you. He was who planted you into your mother’s womb and shaped you the way you look. He had knew you completely yet before you were born.

And top of these, God has so greatly loved and dearly prized you that He even gave up His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him shall not perish and be lost but have eternal, everlasting life.

Do you understand why can you catch His love only partly?

Anyway, our Father emits His love on you on purpose many could not or do not want to apprehend. You should cherish, intense and pass it to others.

Could you recall the nice feeling caused by a beam of light in a warm fall afternoon when you walked out of the canopy of trees? Do you know that anyone could intensify, amplify and increase the energy of that beam of light merely by using another wave of light?

The energy of the outcoming beam shall be so high, it will be able to split up even a piece of diamond, the hardest material on the earth?

Do you know how does the laser equipment operate? There is a material named gain medium surrounded by mirrors. The beam of light enters in it and if it is being affected by another beam of light with different wavelength, suddenly their energy will be intensified enormously. So simple, yet so powerful.

You are the gain vessel of the Father’s love. The beams of love grow enormously in you and when they are emitted they won’t be unfelt and unnoticed by others. They touch them and melt the crust around their captivated heart. At least your Creator wants you to be the vessel of His love. And what about you?