Difference Between a CD and DVD Recorder

Technology has deepened its roots in this modern world and it is extending its branches to every nook and corner of this world. Initially, cassettes were used for video and audio streaming purposes. But, this was superannuated as computer hit the floors. Now, the data formats have been revised and tapes, cassettes are being outdated. This place is previously occupied by CD (Combo disc) and DVD (Digital Video Disc). Both of them are playing key roles in managing the data format and also supporting them. Nowadays, without these players, it is impossible to run an audio or video file.

Lots of formats like CDR, CDRW and DVDR are present and both of them support these formats effectively. Even though, both of the players help in supporting the latest formats, some contrasts arise regarding their usage. These contrasts are carefully reviewed and the detailed reports of the issues are given below.

One of the key differences is that CD can support data up to 700 Mb and not more than that. While that of DVD, it supports 4.7 GB of data in it. Thus, the prime difference is first sorted out. You can enjoy a video of 80 minutes in a CD, but in case of DVD it is 400 minutes, which is 5 times to that of CD timer. Thus, you can enjoy the comfort of watching the movies with the help of DVD rather than a CD. In the case if it is an original data of a film, data memory occupations nearly 4.5 GB and hence, the quality of the film is assured only in case of DVD rather than CD. CD recorder normally provides a resolution of 352 * 240 (NTSC) or 352 * 288 (PAL). But in case of DVD, it is 720×576 (PAL) or 720×480 (NTSC). So, the picture clarity is reliably high for DVD, when compared to CD.

In the case of DVD recorders, even double layer recording is provided, so that its memory can still be expanded to some extent. This option is not available in CD. Similarly, DVD player can burn DVD data, CD data, VCD data etc. But, in case of CD, this case is not applicable. It can write only CD formats and not others. In case of Combo drive, it can be used to view DVD files. DVD data can be played on it, but it can not burn DVD data. Similarly, DVD player uses 96, 000 samples per second and uses 24 bits per sample, but in case of CD player it is 44,100 samples per second and 16 bits per sample.Thus the efficiency of DVD players is twice when compared to the CD players . Sound is recorded in two way channels in CD player, while that of DVD player it is done in 6 channels. Thus, the quality of audio output is high in DVD players and in the case of the CD player it is not up to the extent.

Now, the next generation of DVD players have hit the floors and it is coated as Blue ray disc. The specialty of this disc is that it can support data up to 50 GB. For single layer coating 25 GB is supported and dual coating 50 GB memory is supported. Similarly, JVM (java virtual machine) is also integrated with it, so that web based updates can be effectively carried out. (eg: launch of different versions of subtitles of a film) Thus, the amount of data storage is moving towards infinity and it will not be a dream one day.

Thus, DVD players are reliably far better than CD players and it is always desirable to opt for an advanced version when it comes to the electronic equipments. This fact is applicable to the DVD players as well.