Different Kinds of Webinars That You Can Run

Have you already heard about webinars or live web based presentations? If you haven’t, then you should know about them because they can be of much assistance when carrying out online training. There are three types of webinars which you can use to carry out online training; Q&A webinars, interactive webinirs, and non-interactive webinars.

The webinar allows people to see your screen and hear your voice. The initial experience that you get when you use a webinar may be frightening but you should get a hang of it since it is very useful when you want to present an online and live presentation to an in-person audience. When you begin using the webinar, it is advisable to only concentrate on the presentation you are making and maybe ask questions once you are done.

For now, just try and get used to making your PowerPoint presentation and speaking for only an hour or so. You can then add to your interactivity once you have one or two webinars.

Many webinar services like Go To Webinar, allow attendees to type any questions that they have into a question box. This allows you to periodically check for questions in the question box while you are talking and this also allows the people attending your live training to direct the conversation in specific way.

You can also include different guest speakers or panelists and un-mute them individually on the call to allow them to also talk or even one of the people attending your live training if they have a telephone or headset. You can then un-mute if they have a question rather than having them type their question into the question box.

The last type of webinar, Q&A webinar is highly interactive and perfect for putting into a member’s area that is paid-up. They are the simplest webinars to run since they don’t require any kind of preparation. Al you have to do is answer the questions that get posted to you.

You can make a blog post if you are carrying out this type of membership site and require people to post their comments that detail the questions that they have on call. You can then read through the various questions during the Q&A call and answer them one at a time. You can even tell people to add more questions live inside the question box and this will ensure that all their questions are answered.

These three types of webinars mentioned above, that is, the interactive webinar, the non-interactive webinar and the Q&A webinar will greatly assist you in carrying out you live online presentations and satisfy all your audience. The Q&A webinar is especially good to use since it is very easy to use and people can always seek clarification on points that they fail to understand.