Different Shades on Metal Name Plates

Name plates create a brand identity for your company or business. Each name plate is a product of high precision. The use of right equipment and skilled technicians make the metal name plates legible and durable for long years.

Name plates are made of different materials like plastic, metals, etc. Metal name plates are a good option to display significant information’s like company’s identity, branding, ratings and safety information. It is accompanied by several features including high-class durability and attractive finishing. These metals can withstand harsh situations and any type of environmental changes. Metals like aluminium, steel and brass is used in creating name plates. While comparing other metals, aluminium is the widely used inexpensive metal to engrave name plates.

Aluminium name plates are well known for its exciting designs and variety of printing options. There are different shades used on this metal to make it more attractive and legible.

Take a look at the different shades and textures used in Aluminium printing:

Grey shade:

Grey is a basic foundation of Aluminium metal. Grey is a combo of various colours to create a soothing environment. It is the basic foundation of decorating on aluminium metals. Most of the designs start from the simple shades of grey to different textures.

Grey is a natural colour shade used for gun metals to warm earth tone metals. Hence, it’s a popular colour shade used in the development and reliable finishing of aluminium name plates. It is also applicable in anodized aluminium name plates, bright to brush metals.

Gold Texture:

A golden touch makes the metals more attractive to the manufacturers. The Jewel like pattern have created a geometric flair in the latest collections of metal shades. Aluminium pattern uses a variety of gold tint colour shades in the creation of metal labels, name plates and tags. A neatly structured and well-designed texture is obtained through this colour pattern.

Mechanical finish:

Aluminium is decorated with innumerable services. A decorative finishing is given to the aluminium products like aluminium name plates or aluminium labels with the help of layered colour shades and unique textures to create a geometric texture.

Rich colour tones:

Aluminium is also soft-decorated with rich colour tones. Transparent tints of colour shades are used on anodized aluminium name plates to make it more fashionable and decorative. The transparent tint coordinates with the secondary pattern to create layers of aluminium decoration.


A name plate plays a significant role in creating your brand identity. Hence making it more attractive and unique will help you to stand out from the crowd and create a remarkable space for your services. The different shades used in these metals will enhance the beauty of your applications.