Different Types of A Board With New Generation Features

The increasing uses of A Boards have given A Board manufacturers a lot of importance. They are continuously working on bringing new types of A Boards in the market so as to take care of the increasing customer requirements. There are manufacturers who are focusing only on one type of A Boards, whereas there are some manufacturers who are manufacturing different types of A Boards. They are easily available in the market and on the internet. The buyer may easily compare the A Boards from different manufacturers and decide to buy one. There are several types of materials used to manufacture A Boards. Some of these are –

  • Wooden A Boards – The class these A Boards have are different from any other A Boards. They are manufactured using the solid wooden construction where the wood quality is the best. The finish of the frame gives it a rich look. Chalkboards are most famous under this wooden A Boards which can be easily wiped to clean the surface of the board for further use. There are different kinds of woods which can be used to manufacture these A Boards. Some of these woods are heavier than the other ones. They are strong enough to fight against the windy weather. They can be used for indoor and outdoor purpose. Wooden A Boards are mostly used in restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, and coffee shops. Some of the wooden A Boards are reactive to water, which is one of the disadvantages in having it.
  • Steel frame A Boards – Steel made A Boards are the strongest in the category. They are light weight, and can be easily moved from one place to the other. The steel used in manufacturing these A Boards is properly anodized so as to protect it from getting rust. They may cost more than the wooden A Boards, but are more durable.
  • Aluminum A Boards – Aluminum A Boards are the lightest in the A Board category. They are durable and portable. They can be carried anywhere because of their light weight. Aluminum A Boards may cost between wooden A Boards and steel A Boards.
  • Paper A Boards – These A Boards are not much used, but are best for the internal uses. They are the cheapest in terms of money and are environment friendly. They are mostly used as calendars inside the house or a shop.

These are some of the widely used materials in manufacturing A Boards. Most of the small and medium level advertisers are taking help of A Boards to communicate their message or signs to the visitors. They use it because of the cost-effectiveness and purposefulness of these A Boards. There are many A Boards who are continuously working to come up with the new generation features in the A Boards. Some of them are successful in coming up with the new useful features. Let us have a look at some of these unique features.

  • A Boards come in single-face and two-faces boards. This feature makes the advertiser access his need because he may or may not need a two face A Board. When they have an option in choosing the number of faces, it gives them certain difference in price as well. Advertise looking for a single face A Board might not like paying for a two face A Board just because he does not have any other option.
  • A Boards are available with a swinging board. The central base is movable in these A Boards which moves when the wind blow it. They look attractive.
  • There are few steel and aluminum A Boards which are available with a spring loader just above the base of the frame. This gives the A Board extra strength to handle the wind especially when the speed is high enough to move it.
  • There are some A Boards which are available with a slide feature. When the advertise want to change the message, all he need to do is to take out the central sliding sheet and put the new message. This is useful when the external frame to heavy to move. It does not affect the external frame when the old message has to be removed.
  • The rotating central sheet is something which is very new. When you are buying a rotating single face A Boards, you are actually getting two faces with it. One will be visible easily and the other one would be just behind that. Once you rotate it, you will be able to see the other one. This is again very useful when there is more than one message and are required to be changed at different point of time.
  • The foldable A Boards have become very common these days, but is one of the exciting features of it.
  • The wheels at the base of the frame are something which has helped advertisers in moving their A Boards from one place to the other. Before these wheels, advertiser used to struggle their bulky and heavy A Boards, but that is not a case now.
  • Small and medium size A Boards come up with handle on the top so that they can be carried easily without much inconvenience.
  • Some A Board manufacturers have developed electronic A Boards which will be able to change the message by using some buttons.
  • Weather resistant A Boards were introduced long back, but A Board manufacturers have also developed sun resistant A Boards so that the advertisers can use the same A Boards for long time. This further increases the life of the A Boards.

These are some of the exciting features which the present A Boards are having. Apart from these, the manufacturers are continuously working with Research and Development team to come up with something new. Whatever features they come up with will surely add on to the use of the A Boards. A Boards have become one of the necessities of the advertisers.