Different Types of Art Collage

Art collage is really a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, created from an assemblage of numerous forms, thus creating a new type of art. A collage may include newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or hand-made papers, parts of other artwork, photos as well as other discovered items, glued to a piece of paper or canvas.

There are several types of art collages; you can make a sophisticated photo collage, inspirational collage, a surreal collage or a collage box. It really is up to you on how you would like your collage to appear depending on your inspiration, emotions or style.

This article will teach you to make two kinds of art collage – a surreal collage and a collage box. These art collages are just recommendations and ideas, please feel free to make one which you are a lot more in tuned with.

Let’s begin with the surreal art collage. In surreal art collage it is necessary that you are familiar on using a paint brush. You do not have to be an experienced painter, only the basics.

• Gather all your new and old color glossy magazine and select pictures that you simply find interesting. It would be best if you can find a variety so you have a selection to choose from. As surreal art pieces might be joined with plenty of unrelated pictures.

• Now make use of your paint brush for your surrealistic background. Moist the brush and add the paint, start painting the paper. You can make use of various colors or brush strokes according to your style. For instance, you can swirl different shades together with a really wet paint brush to produce a cloudy-sky or a tie dye theme. Once you’ve finished with the backdrop allow it to dry.

• Let us return to your magazine pictures. Start cutting or trimming the pictures based on the size you would like although it would certainly be best to trim around the picture so that it would be more enhanced. After you possibly can organize the images depending on your style and stick it on the backdrop.

• As soon as you’re finished, apply a coat of collage shellac on the surface to seal and protect the art. When it is dry attempt to get a frame for all to see.

Now let’s make an art collage box. This is definitely an easy method: you will need a box, brown paper, glue, magazine images, photos, post cards or other items you want to have on your art collage box.

• You need to have a box for this project, it could be any dimensions you want. The ideal box to use is a shoe box since it is durable and it has a protective cover.

• Cover the whole box with a brown paper.

• Cut the photos or images from your magazine, post card or make use of own photo and other objects. Stick them inside and outside of your collage box decorative.

• Coat your art collage box with collage shellac or apply acrylic medium to keep everything in place. You are done.

Art collage is definitely a fun and easy way to create wonderful artwork for your residence. It’s the very best present you possibly can give your good friend or loved ones on their birthday, Christmas or Haunch.