Different Types of Car Shades

There many types of car shades that can be added to your car in order to minimize that amount of sunlight that the driver is exposed to. In the past accidents on the street have taken place because the car driver got temporarily blinded by sunlight and could not see anything ahead. When this happens it is not the normal human reaction to slow the car down, therefore the speed is kept high and a crash is very likely.

Shades for you car can be purchased to be stuck to the top part of the front window, this allows the driver to see a very reasonable amount of the road ahead whilst at the same time doing a good job of blocking out sunlight. Alternatively sun glasses can be used, but some people have reported that the overall view becomes too dim to be safe to drive. If you are used to sun glasses then this might not be a very bad problem for you and you can drive the car in a safe manner.

Stick on shades can be bought for as low as ten dollar from the shopping mall. These are made specifically to stick on glass windows of cars. The shape of the shade usually dictates where it can be stuck to in order to get the most usefulness out of them. If your vehicle has windows that are irregular then you might need to buy shades from a very particular kind of dealer who specializes in the variety of shapes of the shades.