Different Types of Fabric Printing

The different printing types are

• Discharge

• Reactive

• Khadi (White Ink )

• Water Base Pigment

• Oil Base Pigment

• Cotton Burn out

Discharge Printing

Discharge Printing is printing on a dyed fabric, this method uses destroying agents such as chlorine or hydrosulfide to destroy color on the fabric and makes colorful print on it. This type of printing has ability to make bright, opaque on dark fabrics. The printed fabric is then steamed and washed thoroughly

Reactive Printing

Reactive printing is generally made using heating process and this is the method of printing a wax, dyes, pigments or other colorants onto a fabric or some other printable materials. The printing process uses plate method, first the image print onto a first substrate which acts as an intermediate between the first substrate and materials substrate and then image is transferred to the materials substrate that may be cotton or some other printable material, here the colorants cross linking takes place by the reaction between compounds selected from each of two chemical groups. These two chemical groups capable with reacting with active hydrogen and anyone of this group if it is present in the ink, then the image prints onto the material substrate

Khadi Print (White Ink Print)

Khadi Print is mainly done on dark or light colored fabric. The Printing method involves titanium dioxide with other auxiliaries mixing up these two materials into the colorants gives different color combination and the important factors always to keep in mind proper mixing gives need print and soft handle

Water Base Pigment Printing

Water base pigment is a type of powder that has to be mixed with water to get pigments. The powder comes in various colors different shades of each color can get by amount the water mixed in the powder. During the mixing there is possibility for dust particle to get into it since the mix up makes a soft paste then the dust particles can be dried out easily. Water base pigments are the largest majority of pigments used today. It gives quality and long lasting print

Oil Base Pigment Printing

Oil based pigment printing gives fine and quality prints and the print made on any fabrics can be dried out quickly. The pigment comes oil based and amount of pigments can be increases by additives. The different colors can get by adding white oil pigments into the colored pigment. The additive is mainly used to increase the amount without spoiling the color hue.

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