Different Types of Harmful Waste and Their Disposal

When we talk about the largest waste producing countries of the world, Canada comes almost at the top. As proven by latest studies, Canadians are one of the major producers of waste all over the world. Also, the studies further revealed that the country is facing a big trouble due to inappropriate rubbish management. More than half of the Canadian population is directly affected by the consequences of improper junk disposal.

Every residential and commercial property produces a large quantity of hazardous junk on a daily basis. There are different types of dangerous waste, which if not removed on time pose a huge threat to public as well as environment safety. For proper disposal, it is good to take help from a professional company.

Some of the major types have been described below:

Hazardous solid

As far as the solid junk is concerned, it is mainly composed of family junk, dangerous rubbish, and industrial waste, building debris and contaminated soils. This trash needs to be disposed of immediately otherwise it can cause health and environment related problems.


This is one of the most dangerous types of junk generated from nuclear weapon technology and nuclear power plants. Increased risks of heart attacks, cancer, birth defects, etc. are some of the associated dangers with this type of rubbish.


The junk generated through the processing of base metal and gold-bearing ore, tar sands, coal, potash, etc. is termed as mining waste. As per a latest research, around 510 million tonnes of sulphide tailings, 350 million tons of rock and 55 million tons of other trash are generated through mining activities in Canada.


There are plenty of perilous rubbish products generated by the construction sites. The construction industries need to be aware of the harmful effects caused by this trash and alert in their safe disposal.


There are many electronic products that contain harmful materials. These products cause problems if disposed of in a landfill. Extensive use and free disposal of these products is majorly responsible for the hazardous environment problem.

These are some of the major types of hazardous wastes that need to be disposed of in a proper way. Storing garbage in unsuitable places in lieu of proper disposal can have detrimental effect on an individual as well as the environment. You can take help from a professional rubbish removal company in order to achieve better results in this regard.