Different Types of Lighting Explained

Bollard Lighting
Bollard lighting is a type of outdoor lighting that is mounted on short units. When you are walking through your local town or city you will probably see them as they are well known for illuminating streets or lighting steps.

They come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes all depending on how you need them to be displayed. For example a fixed head bollard will direct light down an entry or a pathway, whereas short bollards can be used as basic marks for things such as drive ways or to highlight a dark path.

Ground Lights
They have a number of different purposes such as brightening up the façade of your house or a path, however when you are selecting one you need to be careful because they all have different purposes. If you want to illuminate a building you would use a metal halide light but if you want to light up a driveway it would be best to use a marker light.

Metal Halide Floodlight
There are different types of floods depending on what you need them for, a metal halide produces a white light and it is commonly used for industrial businesses or large outdoor yards. The reason for this is because the beam is very strong and it is a perfect deterrent against criminals, there are lots of different wattages available depending on what type of location it is needed for such as an outdoor yard or a football pitch.

PIR LED floodlight
A Passive Infra red floodlight is a type of floodlight that has a motion sensor that scans an area and switches on once in detects movement in an area. The usual detection distance that the sensor can pick up is between 8-12 meters depending of course on the brand you use and they are commonly used for security and as a deterrent against burglars.

GU10 Down lights
A GU10 down light is a type of light that is inserted into the ceiling of your home, the way it works is using springs inside the down light fitting so that they are pushed down the down light into position. There are many different types available with different styles and colors to match your home.

I hope this article has given you a better knowledge of the different lighting available and I hope this makes it a bit easier if you are changing lights in your home.