Different Types Of Screw Heads Available In The Market

Screws are the types of fasteners that mostly get confused with the bolts, but they are not the same. These are mainly designed with externally threaded head and are categorized by its different head styles. These are tightened by clockwise direction and get easily drive with the help of wrenches and screwdrivers. From residential, commercial to industrial, these may use for a number of purposes in a number of tasks. They are very easy to install and remove. The choice of right style and size totally depends on your project requirements. These are suitable for holding different objects together and helping in fastening them for a longer period. In today's article, we share some of the common screw head styles available in the market and their uses in different applications.

  • Cheese Head: One of the common screw head styles is cheese head that resembles a wheel of cheese. Its thick head provides a deep driving surface primarily for increased torque. You can avail them in Brass, Nylon, Stainless Steel and other materials as per the need of your project. Because of their deep driving section, one can easily install them with the help of wrenches or screwdrivers.
  • Flat Head: These types of screws may generally have a flat top and conical bearing surface. If you are looking for a particular screw head style for the countersinking application, so, this flat head style is ideal to choose. Like the first one, it is also available in different materials and sizes that again depending on your application need.
  • Pan Head: They mainly have a large diameter and perfect to provide high holding power. These may have great demand and you should give them a try to replace the binding and truss-head screws.
  • Wing Head: These are quite simpler to use than any other screw head style. You can easily fast them in any of your devices with hands. It is ideal for the hand-tight application that requires quick disassembly.
  • Hex Head: Its large and flat surface allows the greater torque without affecting the matting of the surface. These are perfect to hold two different objects together for repeating performance and available in different length and diameters to meet every project requirement.

These are some of the simple screw head styles you may find in the market. Pick the one that matches your project requirement and always consult a reputable Screw Manufacturers to buy them because they ensure the quality and suggest you the right solution.