Different Types of Toolboxes

Toolboxes have so many uses. It can be used in our cars (or automobiles like trucks), in shops and even at home. These toolboxes are use to store all our tools in one place. It makes it more organized to tuck away tools, and easy to retrieve when needed.


Toolboxes have different types, found in different places. It can be found at home, in our shops, in our cars or trucks. Those found in truck beds are called truck toolboxes. These usually have locks that keep tools safe from theft. They are usually made of metal or plastic. They either have a single lid or double lid opening.


The top mount toolboxes are the popular choice of builders and contractors. These are mounted at the side rail to open easily. Its contents are within reach from the outer part of the truck. They are generally made of aluminum and fit all types of trucks.


The machinist toolboxes are especially designed to suit the needs of machinists or woodworkers. It has multiple drawers to fit the different sizes of tools. This is also ideal for home use. This kind of toolbox is so reliable and durable, it lasts for generations.

Here are some things to consider in buying a storage toolbox. First identify the things you will put inside, the quantity and sizes.

Price may be dependent on the material used. Plastic may be cheaper but still durable. Metals are better than plastics however.

If you will be carrying around more often, you might want to consider one with rollers. You can easily drag them anywhere. Otherwise, a static toolbox will do.

Also choose the one with multiple drawers, front locks and other functions useful to your lifestyle and needs.

These are the types of toolbox for you to be able to choose the toolbox that fits your needs.