Different Types of Window Anwnings and Their Benefits

Retractable Awning

As the name suggests, retractable window awning is ones that can be rolled up or extended so as to get shelter from the sun. This one type of owning is suitable for outdoor coverage and is preferred over another type of awning due to its flexibility. The most satisfying about retractable awning is that they can be wall mounted or can be installed on the roof. The awning equipment comes equipped with a hand crank that can be used to operate the awning manually.

Additionally, the awning can be equipped with a motor to facilitate extending and retracting of the awning. Retractable canopies are also used for the purpose of restricting the flow of dust and dirt entering the house from outside.

Further, they can be utilized to soak up the harmful rays coming from the sun. The canopy type is suited for application with decks and patios as they can uninstall with ease during bad weather. One of the most popular awning models, retractable type of sunshade arrangement can be programmed to function as per the weather conditions. They can be programmed to extend to required distance during windy conditions.

Freestanding awning

Freestanding awnings are the ones that do not require the support of the wall to stand. Mounted on the free standing structural framework, this one type of sunshade arrangement is specifically preferred or opted for at open spaces such as resorts, grounds and at poolside. Since they are designed to provide shade for large areas, they are designed using the best quality material to give them a high amount of strength.

Due to the fact that freestanding awnings do not require too many accessories for installation, they look simple and aesthetically pleasing. Available in different sizes, the awning arrangement can be selected in different sizes as per the requirement.

Easy to install, the canopy arrangement offers a cost-effective solution to provide shade at a certain place. Since they are freestanding, the awning type can easily be moved from one place to another to achieve functionality in plenty.

Vertical Awnings

One of the most sophisticated types of awning arrangement, vertical awning combine the technique of retractable as they can be rolled up and extended as and when required. Due to the fact that they are installed vertically, they are designed using quality fabrics to give better durability.

The benefit of installing vertical awnings with windows is they provide complete shading from sunshine by staying at a perfect angle from the wall. Basically used to add privacy to a place, they can be selected in a variety of designs. Apart from providing shade from sunlight, it adds up to the look of the place and assist in giving value satisfaction.

Easy to extend and roll, vertical window coverings provide all-weather protection from sunlight and cold winds. Helpful in transforming the look of the place, they are preferred at domestic and commercial setup. The type of awning is fitted vertically to the wall and extend outwards horizontally making them quite suitable and compatible as well.