Different Uses of Candles and Steps in Making Candles

Candles have been a very useful commodity since the ancient times. They are used in so many ways. The basic function would be lighting up a dark place, or creating an intimate ambiance. It provides light in a very classical way.

Candles are made of wax, with a wick in the middle. The wick is lighted with fire to create light. The wick slowly burns and melts the wax in the process.

The people in the Middle Ages would use candles while worshiping. Before worshiping their gods, they light a candle and they worship with all their hearts. In modern days, candles are used more than just providing light or worshiping. It is used to create an intimate and romantic ambiance in a dimly lit room.

There are candles now with scents. When lighted, this scent slowly diffuses in a room and provides a relaxing atmosphere. Candles are popular gift items now.

Candle making is not difficult to do but it requires dedication. It also requires serious personal involvement. Since candle making deals with fire, it is very important to be very careful in the process.

The process of making a candle differs from one country to another. In ancient times, people use extracted solid fats from animals. These shallow fats are usually from sheep or goats. They call these fats, tallow. Since candles are their main source, people make ling candles. They use a long rod called, broach. In this broach, wicks were suspended. People melt the tallow and pour it in the container. The wick is then immersed three times in the container. Afterwards, it will be hung to dry. The candles are then repeatedly immersed to get the thickness that they need for a candle.

People in the Middle Ages use beeswax to make candles for rituals. People put molten beeswax to a wick material so that the candle will be prepared. The use of molds in making candles comes during the 15th century. This was first introduced in France. They use hollow open ended cylinders that have a cap and small hole that are meant for wick.

The modern days uses high quality wax for good quality of candles. There are actually two types of candles: the ordinary candles and the transparent candles. In these two types of candles there are two different types of wax being used.

The steps involved in making a candle are very easy. The first thing to do is melt the wax you wish to use. These waxes are flammable so there should be enough heat to melt it. On ordinary candles, you are going to add a candle hardener but on transparent candles, candle hardeners are not needed.

After melting the wax, transfer the melted wax to the molder in much the same way like the ancient people do. They immerse the wick to the melted wax. After placing the melted wax to the molder, put the wick and wait for the wax to dry.

There are also some candle makers who put color and scent to the candles that they make. This adds beauty and nice smell to the candles. These kinds of candles can be good to display at home.

There is lots of molder that are available in the market. There are those that have designs. You can actually make a candle to be given as a gift or a decoration. There are also candle makers that recycle the used candles that they have used and make a new candle.