Disadvantages Of Carrying An Overstuffed Wallet

When someone makes the statement “I hate big fat wallets” they probably aren’t using the phrase in reference to people who have a lot of money. For some men, the challenge of getting a wallet stuffed with all types of papers or cash into their back pocket can be comparable to stuffing a brick into a space that was meant to hold an envelope. Although men often make fun of women who carry everything but the kitchen sinks in their purses, most are just as guilty of carrying things that they don’t need in their wallet. The end result could have a greater impact on you than you realize.

Even when many men have made the comment “I hate big fat wallets” more than once, they fail to take the time to address the problem, possibly because they do not realize the seriousness of the matter. These are some of the disadvantages of carrying too much “stuff” in your wallet and some good reasons to re-think what you consider essential.

– It can easily attract the wrong kind of attention. Although your wallet may contain three-year-old ticket stubs and receipts from gifts you bought last Christmas, a pickpocket may think that you just got your paycheck cashed or that you have a wide variety of credit cards. The best kind of wallet is one that looks inconspicuous and doesn’t get the attention of would-be thieves.

– Identity thieves are also a potential concern. Those who use an RFD-card reader can get account and personal information from any card with a magnetic strip while it is still in your pocket. The more unnecessary cards you carry with you, the greater your risk of identity theft.

– An overstuffed wallet can actually cause unnecessary stress to your clothes and shorten their lifespan. Large pockets will cause the fabric to pull at the corners until the fabric begins to wear. The shape of the wallet will also cause faded creases where the fabric is stretched over the shape of the wallet.

– Receipts are often one of the biggest contributors to a fat wallet. Most of us think of them as harmless pieces of paper that aren’t even necessary unless they are for something you can claim on your income tax or you need to return the item. There are many differences in the ways different stores print receipts today, some with credit card information, signatures and other information. Just dropping a single receipt as you open your wallet could be all it takes to give identity thieves what they need to use your accounts or open new ones in your name.

– For some of the people who feel that “I hate big fat wallets”, the problem really is from carrying a great deal of cash. Although there are things that you need to pay for with cash, there is never a good reason to carry more than you absolutely have to have. Instead, use your debit card that requires a pin number to take out cash. If it is stolen, you can have it blocked from use as a credit card and the thief won’t be able to withdraw cash without the pin.

– It just looks bad. Nothing will bring down the value of a nice, expensive suit faster than an overstuffed wallet.

If you have ever made the statement ” I hate big fat wallets ” but never took the time to trim yours down, these are some good reasons to make today the time that you change your mind.