Disadvantages to Steel Male Chastity Belt Devices

Male chastity is growing in popularity and many couples continue to search out advice on male steel chastity devices. They do so because they are serious about their marriages and want to make sure they keep the romance and intimacy in their relationship alive.

Male chastity couples know that men don’t really want or need sexual freedom. In fact, almost all men are much happier once they are kept under lock and key by their wives. They no longer waste time masturbating or looking at porn, they are more helpful around the house and they know that the sex is much better!

With that in mind, the most common question becomes – which type of male chastity belt device to choose. They come in two basic types, plastic and steel. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of devices.

While in general I think steel devices are the best choice when it comes to long-term male chastity, one should be aware the disadvantages of steel male chastity belts as well.

• Steel belts can feel more emasculating to a man than plastic ones. That’s why I always suggest that people start out with plastic belts and build up to steel ones. The goal is to make him feel more manly, not less.
• Steel belts will set off alarms at airport security checkpoints. If your man travels a good deal, you should get him a plastic belt to use when he’s away.
• Some men experience more chafing with a steel device than with a plastic one. If your man is particularly sensitive, it might be good to get him a plastic one. An alternative is to line the inside of the device with moisturizer.
• The plastic devices come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Many women find these devices more visually attractive than the steel ones, which often look too masculine and shiny.
• If he is in a steel tube he won’t be able to wash his penis himself, which means you will be in charge of his intimate hygiene. Some women don’t have a problem with this, but others find the task somewhat distasteful.
• Steel is more bulky, which means that he’ll have to be somewhat careful with what he wears. While it will be invisible under his pants, it may be more obvious if he wears a Speedo style swimsuit.
• There is no possible way he can remove a steel male chastity device on his own. This means in the case of an emergency, he won’t be able to get out. For example, if you got into an accident and were stuck in the hospital, he’d have a problem. For this reason I suggest getting two sets of keys and leaving the spare set with a trusted friend or relative.

Those are the most common disadvantages to steel male chastity belt devices. Personally I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages; but every woman should be well informed when it comes to this crucial part of their married lives.