Discover How To Seduce Him By Using 4 Fractionation Techniques

Essentially what the following techniques are designed to do is create tension and pique a man’s interest in you by pushing and pulling him away in a gentle manner.

The Ol Bait And Switch

Ask him to tell you about a revered/sentimental childhood experience and then reflect what he is said back to him while relating to what he is said and then when he thinks the conversation is going to continue change the subject.

This works because in order to remember a childhood experience a person needs to go back in time – a long way back in time, through an invisible time zone. When they go back to that sentimental moment – they arrived there with you. Our formative years have a powerful effect on the shaping of our value systems so this is a GREAT way to form a bond with a guy.

By suddenly changing the subject you take control of the conversation at a weak moment for him, which gives you power because you got close and then pulled away. It’s the pulling away that makes him want to get closer because you are telling him in an indirect way that you are not accessible.

Flirt And Retract

It is relatively self explanatory and there are numerous ways you can flirt from a little giggle and a girly smile when you chat, to mocking him about something like the way he straightens his collar when he stands up to touching him on the arm or leg when you talk.

You pull away by telling him that you are not that kind of girl when he touches you. It may be a bit hypocritical but it will make him want you even more nonetheless.

Tell stories

The ability to tell stories with ease is a mark of confidence and confidence is alluring. By telling a story you are letting him get an insight into your world. This is obviously imperative for getting to know one another, but you can also in some way relate your story back to his values. Obviously you need to have an idea of what these values are first, but if you use strategy one before this strategy you will get an idea of what his values are from his child hood experience.

Emit mixed signals

One of the best ways to do this is to make a guy see that you are a ‘cool girl’ by having a laugh with him while teasing him every now and then which will make him wonder if you like and respect him.

It is that very pull mechanism that will make him try harder to win you over and what you will see when you do this is double the expression of interest in you.