Discover the Top Engineering Careers

Being an engineer is one of the most lucrative careers today. In fact, the engineering profession is in the top five professions in the world today. With the progress in science and technology, there are several engineer careers that are quite financially and professionally lucrative. Here is a brief breakup of the various engineer careers and their descriptions.

Computer Hardware Engineers

This stream is one of the most recent streams of engineer careers, and also one of the most lucrative. A computer engineer is basically the heart and soul of the building of a computer. The computer hardware engineer comes into play in almost every aspect of the building cycle of a computer, be it the computer chip, the circuit boards and the entire computer system.

The hardware engineer researches and gives his or her valuable suggestions regarding the designs of the computer chips. The hardware engineer also comes into the picture when it comes to develop, test and look into the manufacturing and installation of the entire computer system. To pursue a computer hardware engineering degree, one would have to be at least a graduate.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical engineering is another rewarding type of engineering that is available for individuals today. Just like computer hardware engineering, an electrical engineer is instrumental in every aspect of building any electrical product. The electrical engineer is closely related to every part of the building cycle of any electric product.

The electrical engineer is also instrumental in building, installing, repairing and servicing any of the electrical instruments. Therefore, it can be said that the electrical engineer is the backbone of any electrical engineering product.

Mechanical Engineers

A mechanical engineer is useful for designing several machinery and automobiles that are useful in the fields such as transport, defense and commodities, etc. They are highly universal engineers because their role is required in almost every field of science and technology and even beyond.

This is one of the best-paid engineer careers today and there is a high amount of competitiveness in the profession. Students are considering getting into mechanical engineering, the rules of which are becoming increasingly tougher each year.

However, the profession is valued for the creativity it involves. Visualizing a machine or contraption and then bringing it to a real shape is a very satisfying thing to do. Whether it is a rocket or a simple lunch box, it is a mechanical engineer who has brought it to shape. It is this creativity along with the lucre that is attracting people to this profession.

Environmental Engineers

Engineering is used in various aspects for the betterment and progress of humankind in present times. Environmental engineering is one such aspect, in which engineering and scientific principles are used and implemented into the environment for the betterment of the environment.

The key responsibility area of ​​an environmental engineer is to decrease the pollution in the environment and to improve the quality of the air, water and land resources that are used by humankind. Therefore, it is the environmental engineer's responsibility to provide non polluted healthy water, air and land that is fit for inhabitation.

Some other major types of engineer careers are: –
– Industrial Engineering
– Materials Engineering
– Petroleum Engineering
– Nuclear Engineering.