Discover Turkey

You’ll find Turkey North of the Mediterranean Sea, East of the Aegean Sea and South of the Black Sea. With it’s unique blend of the Eastern and Western traditions, Turkey is definitely a destination to explore, as the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, Turkey will leave you in awe.

If you want chic city metropolis, then visit Istanbul to discover a mixture of history and metropolis city. When you step into the Historical Peninsula where you can visit The Blue Mosque, the Archeology Museum, Topkap1 Palace, and the Süleymaniye Mosque. Entwined in this historical land mine is Eminönü Square, A lively city centre which has so much to offer for it’s tourists. A busy area with people feeding birds and shopping and enjoying life in the buzz.

Explore places within the lush, humid Black Sea region where there are a variety of towns you can choose to visit. Explore the mountain tops covered with dense pine forests, or relax on the mile after mile coastline with gorgeous uncrowded beaches which offer sun, sand and swimming. If sights of history are what you are after then this region has many to discover such as, the city of Kirkareli has the oldest mosque Hizirbey If you choose to hire a car in Turkey then you will be free to explore the towns and attractions such as Yedi Goller (Seven Lakes) National Park near Bolu, Megan which has a reputation for good cooks if you want to wine and dine, Akackoca being a popular holiday resort which has a lovely beach and charming guest houses, Apali which is ideal for water sports, or travel to the Marmara Region and visit Istanbul to discover a mixture of history and metropolis city and many more to discover at your own pace.

If skiing and snow sports are your desire then The Toros (Taurus) Mountains and Black Sea mountains join together to form a mighty range. Bolkar, Palandoken and Sarikamis offer ski slopes if you are an enthusiast. There are also many sights to see in and around the surrounding towns such as Kars, the centre of the Turkish-Russian war and visit the archeology museum which houses beautiful wood carvings and an excellent coin collection found in the surrounding regions, see the medieval city of Ani (Ocakli) which lies mostly in ruins. Cildir provides a habitat for a wonderful variety of birds and also near Cildir, Seytan (Devil’s) castle looms and there are many more to visit when you hire a car with Auto Europe.

If history is your interest, Anatolia’s rich history and cultural heritage will leave your mouth watering. In Harran, visit one of the largest and oldest Islamic universities which can be seen among the archaeological remains. Or visit Kilis near the Turkish-Syrian border and take a tour around Canbolat Bey complex, the old baths and a centre that once housed a dervish order. Kuzeyne (Korus) is like an open air museum with it’s castle and mosaics. From here, you can view the ruins from Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic times all in one place. There are also many modern structures to see such as the Ataturk Dam and Hydroelectric Plant which is the largest in Turkey and the sixth largest in the world. There are many campsites and National parks where you can enjoy nature and eat wonderful food.

If sunshine paradise is what you are after, The Turkish Riviera, the tourism capital of Turkey is bathed in sunshine 300 days of the year. It is worth hiring a car in this region as there are so many different natural sights to see. On your way to sandy Lara Beach, visit the Lower Duden Waterfalls which plunge straight into the sea. This stunning view also offers places to picnic and enjoy the falls on a gorgeous day. If you are looking for more then also visit Kursunlu Waterfalls and Nilufer Lake. Also visit the Guver Canyon which is 115m deep. Goller Bolgesi (Lake District) lie in the mountainous area of Antalya which contains beautiful lakes worth seeing. So a hire a car and discover your own natural beauty in Turkey.

Driving Tips in Turkey:

  • You need: A valid driving licence, passport/ID and a valid credit card. Always take your insurance documents with you.
  • You drive: On the right so remember to give away traffic from your left. Traffic circles/roundabouts are common, and they do not operate like those in the USA and UK. Usually, traffic in the roundabouts is controlled by traffic signals. If you are going straight through the circle you can usually continue straight through on a green light, but if you are turning 90 degrees left, or making a 180-degree U-turn, you must obey different signals as you turn: turning traffic waits in the circle for a different signal. Thus, if you intend to turn left, you should be in the left lane before you turn. If you plan to go straight, the right lane is best.
  • Speed limit: The maximum speed limit on the highway is 90 KM/hr; on the TEM and similar interstate-type highways, 120 KM/hr; and the maximum speed limit in the city is 50 KM/hr Please note that all speed limit signs are posted in kilometers per hour and not miles per hour.
  • About petrol: Around 1.833 000 lira per litre.
  • Parking rules: Parking is prohibited in areas where the pavement is painted in yellow or “No parking” signs are displayed. In areas paitned in blue you need to buy a ticket from the machine.
  • Mobile phones: It is prohibited the use of mobiles unless using a “handsfree” unit.
  • Other things to remember: Use horn and lights to get the attention of other drivers. Assume nothing! Make no assumptions about what another driver may do or how they will react in a situation. Do not assume that they have seen your vehicle or will do the “right” thing.