Discovering How a Scorpio Woman Flirts

I have recently had quite a few men ask me how do scorpio women flirt? To answer that question we first need to answer how scorpio women act. Scorpio women tend to use more overt types of flirting because of their strong passion for love and their deep desire to connect with others.

Scorpio is about metamorphosis. Scorpios transform the painful poisons of possessive passion into a higher consciousness based on universal love.

Flirting is giving out signals that you may be interested in someone and has become a part of our daily lives. It is the most common way people indicate interest in one another. Some people are good flirts while others are not. Scorpio women tend to be great flirts. They give the people they are interested in little butterflies in their stomach which is as a result of the way they move their body and smile at you while checking you out.

The key indicators to look at to determine if you are being flirted with are eye contact, playing or towing with their hair, the way their body moves, touching, and the way they speak. They also tend to whisper to their friends. This is how a scorpio woman would flirt.

A scorpio women may also mirror your tone of speaking and your body posture, and she will laugh a lot (possibly at something neither of you would find funny any other time).

Especially watch their body posture; does she lean in to you when you are looking in her eyes? Does she cross her legs towards you? When she uncrosses her legs; does she point her body towards yours? You will be able to determine a lot by her body posture, and it is important that you reciprocate with your own ways of flirting.

The main thing to remember when flirting with a scorpio woman is to embrace their passion and have fun. The best flirtatious moments happen when you understand what’s happening.

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