Discovering Your Purpose In Life

What is our purpose in this life? Are we here to carry out the purpose our Creator gave us? But, what are you meant to do with your life whilst here on Earth?

There is a reason for our existence here on Earth. We exist to give value to others in our lives. It is true that once we know our purpose, there will be much more meaning of Life. Certainly, there has been so many questions of what Life can be. Life is made simpler when you understand the reason you breathe; there is an end for you to meet. You have been given life for the sole cause of fulfilling your destiny. You have a purpose to fulfill here on Earth.

When we do something with purpose, it is true that you do with determination. It simply means you have an aim or intention in mind. For example, the greatest purpose of a hammer is to hit nails. However, it is used by some people to reshape items such as hubcap or knock a table leg into shape. It shows us that the hammer has an ultimate purpose regardless other noble tasks. This can lead us to understand the definition or meaning of purpose. It is a reason which something exists or is used.

So how do you know or discover your purpose in life?

Most importantly, you are a special creature who is valuable in so many ways. The Creator made you and deposited gifts inside you that no one else in the world can use in the same way and with the same quality you do. It’s important however, to feel good about who you are, not just about what you do. It is the first thing you need to understand to discover your purpose.

A purpose does not search for the person, in fact the person needs to search for the purpose inside him/her and take it out to show the world. I believe, you need to go the extra mile to discover what is inside of you. For those who always say they don’t have a purpose in life, they need to understand this. When you know what is inside you, you will be happy and aim to fulfill that purpose. “Spend your time trying to find who you truly are. Once you do that, spend the rest of your time showing the world who you are.”