Discussing the Civil Engineer Resume

Introduction of the Job

Civil Engineers can work in a wide variety of subsidiary fields of engineering such as hydraulic, environmental, structural, sanitation and construction engineering. Working in these various sectors he or she could be responsible for designing a variety of structures such as sewage systems, harbor and water flow systems as well as highways, tunnels, bridges and other transportation related systems. Most choose to specialize in one sector of engineering in order to be successfully versed in all the aspects of that particular division.

Key Responsibilities

As mentioned, there is great variation in the roles and divisions of civil engineers and therefore key responsibilities of the position vary greatly as well. However, they are generally responsible for designing and planning systems to benefit the populace of their working area. Some civil engineers work solely in the planning and developing sector of engineering while others also oversee the construction of such designed plans.

Level of Education Required

In order to become a civil engineer one must be proficient in the fields of mathematics as well as physical sciences. Knowledge in logical thinking and the ability to communicate well with others are also necessary requirements. One must typically hold a bachelor degree from a four-year institution in civil engineering. Specialized knowledge in such fields as stress analysis and thermodynamics as well as other areas of social science may also be required. On-site field training is also required and graduates in civil engineering from accredited institutions must typically gain four to five years of work experience before they can find employment as a civil engineer. Some areas further require that civil engineers hold a state license in civil engineering that can be obtained by passing a licensing examination.

Career Path

Once the initial years of obtaining education and experience working in the field have been acquired, there are many ways a he or she can advance within the field. Most large companies employ civil engineers at many levels within the hierarchy of the enterprise. They may employ a junior, assistant and associate engineer in various departments creating many opportunities to advance within a single enterprise. Furthermore, civil engineers can work to become increasingly specialized within their specific field of engineering and the more specializations one has the more valuable they are to an employer. The average salary is around $75,000 per year, but can be as high as $115,000 per year.


When discussing the Civil Engineer Resume, it is a good career choice for those who enjoy both the logic of math and science, as well as the creativity of designing and finding new ways to organize environmental structures to better their community. They can be a very rewarding job as one can choose to specialize in the area that most interests them. While the career does have some amount of pressure when one must make crucial decisions and oversee operations, there is also a high degree of contentment and satisfaction associated with the job due to the fact that when all the hard work is done one can see the physical product of their design and how it is beneficial to those living in the area.