Displaying RSS Feeds

Your visitors will be able to read the latest news as it happens, but they will be able to subscribe to your feed and read it on their desktop, cell phone, web browser, or at a website offering them the ability to keep up to date with several feeds at once. As the publisher of the RSS feed, webmasters determine the content that will be sent out to the subscribers.

For some webmasters, it is easier to syndicate content instead of coming up with fresh content. What this means is that they add an RSS feed to their website and subscribe to others RSS feeds that will display on their website. Therefore, if you have a website pertaining to technology, you would find RSS feeds that provide technology news. The headlines or short blurbs would appear on your website in the RSS feed, thus providing your readers with up to the minute information.

Of course, you will have to decide the best way to display the feed on your website that will enhance your design instead of destroying the effect you desire.

JavaScript is one of the easiest ways to display RSS feeds. In many cases, you will find a small snippet of code that you place on your website and that is it. The way it works is that when a visitor arrives to your website it will detect the visitor and send information to the feed, thus real time information. On the other hand, if you want the keywords from the feed to be grabbed by search engines, JavaScript is not the way to go, as search engines cannot read this type of scripting.

There are other options on the internet that will allow you to grab the code and place it on your website beside JavaScript that can be read by search engines. The websites offering these scripts allow webmasters to customize the feed so it will better fit their website thus making it more pleasant to your visitors.

Another option is Rss2html.php this is a script that uses HTML to display the feeds. HTML is recognized by search engines, thus the engines will be able to index the fresh content faster and more precise.

Whatever script you decide to use should provide your visitors with up to date content as well as being pleasing to the eye. The idea is to bring fresh content to your readers while providing search engines with the data they need to give you the ranking you deserve.