Disrespect Leads to Fear and Fear Leads to Violence

Today May 17th 2007 I was watching C-SPAN. I heard the Democrats and the Republicans debating the homelessness situation in America. Both parties are talking around and avoiding the truth concerning homelessness in America. Congress oversight is lacking when it comes to homelessness and affordable housing. Somebody has to pay for affordable housing for the younger generation of American Citizens. Congressman Randy Neugebauer Republican of Texas 10th district had the nerve to say “More Americans own homes today than ever before in the history of America.” This was a shameful statement considering America has been a civilized nation for over 200 years. Neither party has a clue about how the homeless situation in America got started. I suggest they go to the people who are homeless or buy and watch the video staring Will Smith “The Pursuit of Happiness.” If Congress would follow my directives they would find out what I, as an American Citizen, found out. Congress demonic evil policies with the evil agencies are the reason for the homeless situation in America. All Congress did on the 17th of May 2007 on the floor of the House of Representatives was argue about which group of taxpayers will pay for HR-1427 affordable housing legislation. The following information should be passed on to every legislator in office or every person running for elected office. When Congress gave them selves a pay raise they did not worry about which group of tax payers would be funding their pay raise. Now all of a sudden the Republican representatives are saying if they do not know which group will fund HR-1427 then voting for it would be unpatriotic.

Give me a break please. American Citizens, who paid taxes when they were working and the American Citizens who are now working, however, are losing their homes too because of the evil disrespectful legislation that our elected representatives on the state, local and federal level has passed. Now if you go to http://www.wraphome.org you will fine the conclusion to the over planned and under funded programs for the homelessness in America, the Federal priorities for housing assistance, the Urban Renewal, Deindustrialization, and the primary importance of cuts to affordable housing programs and grants which did nothing to prevent homelessness. As a matter of fact these programs and grants increased the need for affordable housing according to the website. Also the correlation of massive cuts to affordable housing programs continued to produce mass homelessness. These agencies show the failure of policy responses that do not include substantial funding for the production and preservation of affordable housing. These policies shows that federal funding priorities favor those who are least in need of federal assistance at the expense of those most in need. This is what I call disrespectful legislation. Following these premises, our conclusion is that the national crisis of mass homelessness cannot and will not be resolved without a recommitment by the federal government to fully fund legitimate housing programs. No matter how many hundreds of communities are in need of affordable housing; filling a $54 billion affordable housing hole with $1.4 billion in homeless assistance funding is an exercise in futility that can never be compensated for by any amount of local coordination or consolidation.

The website states that until we recognize and commit ourselves to the principle that housing is a human right, we will not end homelessness in the United States. Until we acknowledge that quality education, economic security, and health care are also essential human rights, we cannot resolve the systemic causes of poverty. Once we, as a nation commit to ensuring that all people have a roof over their head, the legislation, the policies, and the funding allocations will follow. Until this is reality the American citizens will feel disrespected and full of fear towards the legislators. Also because society believes that homelessness is caused by the deficiencies of broken individuals, society becomes violent against the homeless American Citizens.

This is a direct quote from the website: “In 1949, the federal government initiated Urban Renewal ostensibly as part of a strategy to ensure “adequate housing for families of low incomes where the need was not being met by private enterprise. Despite this apparently positive original intention, many critics have also charged that Urban Renewal worked largely as a mechanism of racial and class exclusion through the wholesale destruction of communities. By the late 1970s and early 80s, Urban Renewal had moved largely into the domain of local governments, funded through Urban Development Action Grants, it became primarily a policy of “commercial revitalization.” Local governments catering to business interests sought to create shining city centers, which could attract wealthy residents, high-end shops, and mobile corporations. They promoted gentrification of neighborhoods and the demolition of cheap housing stock, such as single room occupancy hotels. The housing market tightened, particularly for affordable housing, and homelessness skyrocketed. This misuse of funds is a violent move against the homeless American Citizens, because of the disrespectful policies.

It was precisely at this moment that the federal government should have sought to counterbalance the stresses placed by Urban Renewal and deindustrialization by increasing its production and subsidization of affordable housing and by expanding HUD’s budget. Because the federal government had so much disrespect for the homeless, the federal government chose to cut HUD housing programs, and contemporary mass homelessness emerged. This violent policy against the homeless is a negative mark against a nation who claims democracy for American Citizens. The federal decimation of affordable housing programs did not occur only in urban centers or via cutbacks to HUD, the federal government also stopped the construction of new affordable rural housing. The legislators who passed these policies cause this evil to happen to the American Citizens are disrespectful, fearful, and violent towards U.S. Citizens.

The cutbacks in federal funding of affordable housing were the primary precipitating cause of the emergence of massive homelessness in the 1980s through today. The result of these cutbacks, millions of single adults, families, and youths found themselves out on the streets and homeless for the first time in decades. Local government used archaic “quality of life” laws and selective police enforcement to move homeless people in and out of jail, around and out of town, in an endless shell game. To make matters worse, many politicians, government officials, community agencies, corporate interests, and journalists immediately declared that these homeless people were themselves the problem. They were losers, addicts, crazy, lazy and misfits. This legislative response toward the homelessness American Citizen promotes disrespect and fear in the homeless American Citizens.” Why would legislators create evil demonic policies against American Citizens? I say because they are evil themselves.

According to this website there was a lethal trade off that funded destroyers, tax subsidies, and corporate greed instead of affordable housing production. America elected legislators made a decision to expend more resources on militarization and weapons than any other nation on earth. The massive funding of corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy are known, but are often concealed as “Economic stimulus packages.” It’s not as if the federal government isn’t spending money on housing, over the last 30 years, annual fiscal expenditures for homeowners subsidies have grown from less than $40 billion to over $120 billions per year, in constants 2004 dollars. These homeowners subsidy expenditures largely benefits upper-income homeowners. These expenditures represent a trade-off. When the federal government spends money to provide tax-based expenditures in any of these areas, it chooses not to use those resources for the construction and subsidization of affordable housing and other social programs. This trade-off has been lethal on the homeless American Citizens. The only thing I can say to legislators who create such an evil system, is you will have to stand before God and you are disobeying the Commandment “Love thy neighbor as thy self.”

In closing Americas’ elected leaders continue to build up our arsenal in order to maintain supremacy over the rest of the world at the expense of those who are forces to live on our own streets. The US government plans to spend more money on one destroyer than it spent on all 2005 capital expenses for public housing; more on ten F-22 fighter jets than on all 2005 operating expenses for public housing; and twice as much on a single submarine than on all 2005 McKinney-Vento Act homeless assistance. So now I understand why America is spending more money on defense than they do on homeless American Citizens. When ever America disrespects a nation or people the next thing is America will fear them. Out of Americas fear, weapons are manufactured to prepare for the violence that will automatically follow.

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