Distinctive Table Names For Wedding Receptions

Table 1, table 2, and table 3 are so boring! Why not have some fun when deciding what to call the tables for your reception? Theses are ideas for some of the most distinctive table names for wedding receptions.

Your table names can be much more than just a way to indicate to each guest where they should sit during dinner. They can also be a chance to reinforce your wedding theme, express one of your passions, or even just amuse your guests. Why let this opportunity go to waste by using boring old table numbers when you can do so much more?

Theme weddings will always lend themselves to interesting names for the dinner tables. Let's say that you are having a tropical theme wedding. A great idea for marking the tables would be to label each one with the name of a famous tropical paradise. Your guests can dine at Bora Bora, Tahiti, Fiji, and Hawaii. Or you can use a variation of this concept while also introducing a more personal element. A couple who is throwing a tropical theme wedding and also loves to surf, for instance, could name each table after their favorite place to catch a wave. Bonus points if you have pictures of the bride and groom at each location to post under the names.

Some brides will plan their wedding around their favorite color. A purple wedding could be graced with tables named lavender, aubergine, lilac, plum, and so forth. Or have a pink wedding with tables named after your favorite pink flowers, such as roses, tulips, peonies, and hydrangeas. This would be a nice tie in with the wedding centerpieces if they should happen to include those blossoms. The idea of ​​naming reception tables after flowers would also be lovely for a garden wedding.

Tables can be named after famous people, too. How better to evoke the cool elegance of the Rat Pack than by calling your reception tables Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and so on? When using the name of a person, definitely have their picture on the table number display to make it even more interesting. This would be a very hip idea for a wedding theme, and you could bring it to full fruition by including elements in your wedding like Sinatra music, a martini bar, and small silver flasks for the favors (they also make great groomsmen gifts, by the way). Another idea for the groomsmen gifts for a Rat Pack inspired wedding would be to give them cool ties that they can wear for the wedding, along with another gift that they will be able to use everyday like a silver pocketknife.

Nature can always provide sweet wedding ideas. If you are the earthy type, how about using table names such as river, rock, branch, and moss? Or get more specific; a bird loving bride and groom could call their tables warbler, finch, cardinal, bluebird, etc. Another great source of inspiration is literature. Not only would it be a nice personal touch to name your reception tables after your favorite books, but it will be a great conversation starter for your guests at dinner.

So many aspects of planning a wedding are limited by custom or convention; the table numbers are happily not one of those. Allow yourself to be creative, have fun, and even get a little silly while choosing your favorite names for the reception tables. It is a small detail that will pay big dividends in added character for your wedding reception.